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November 04, 2013


I think I can smell that lilac from here ! I'm with you, whatever blooms (or even just grows) is my favorite ! Thanks for playing Mon Funday. This has been awesome visiting around the Glob-World today.

Lilacs are easy to love, so beautiful and full of fragrance.

My favorite flowers to smell, too!

We had a hybrid that was very faint. But most of them around here are the old fashioned ones. Yes ... the perfume wafting on a early summer breeze makes my memories of growing up so very real

the scent of star jasmine does that for me! My mom had one that bloomed by the front door and it always smelled so good!

Honeysuckle is the scent of the South - so sweet! I don't think I've ever smelled a lilac - maybe they don't grow this far south? I should check out a gardening center and see if they will.

I have no idea what lilacs smell like, I will have to seek some out. I love roses and have been looking for a nice scented one for ages. Our home in Sydney had several well established bushes and I have missed them sorely since living here. I remember as a child, all roses had beautiful scents. Sad that they are now hard to find.

I think the only scented plant we have is a lavender and I love it. I do remember that my grandmother had a lovely scented Lilac, and in out last house we had a Honeysuckle.

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