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June 06, 2013


I couldn't get rid of any

I think if you are using them to breed meat you have to decide which ones have the best chance at producing good meat. From there you can narrow down by personality and looks.

I vote for keeping Top Dog (he is handsome) and Charlie (because he looks like a fatter version of the chickens here in Timor!) Good luck. I don't think I could eat something I'd given a name to. I really admire what you're doing Karmyn! I'd love to see a pic of your yard - you must have quite a lot of space?

you mean meat comes from animals? just kidding. I would probably keep Top Dog if you're really going for size and then Joe, just 'cause I love a misfit!

Ferdinand and Hawk:)

choose on meat and eggs and then one pretty one. fair enough?

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