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February 20, 2013


this totally cracks me up. you could probably ebay half that stuff and make people very happy ;-)

Wow... just. wow. Love the cigarette machine - Haven't seen one of those in forever!

I heard that saying: Use it up, Wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Although my own dad was not the one that said that ... he lived by it also. But I can't remember him having quite the creative uses as your FIL.

Wow! We have goats too that get out, but my solution is my herding dog, Buddy, that I trained to round them up again! lol. Makes for fun photos, all those gadgets, though!

Fun photos..recycling at it's best! That cart and the cigarette machine are most likely collectors items:)

looks like you have some work ccut out for yourself. its nice to see some of the few old school bloggers keeping up with their posting unlike so many of them who let their go.

I absolutely see the benefit of being frugal this way! It may not be attractive, but it kept those items from filling up a landfill. :)

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great man :D

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