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January 10, 2013


What came to my mind was you feeding the ducks like Birdie in Hope Floats after her momma died. :)

Long time since the last blog!

they may be winter dwellers... and head north in spring.

We have just two hens and two ducks. I adore our Aylesbury! The drakes are hilarious and protective. Your mallard visitors are real beauties!

They are very cute.

What charming visitors you've got! I hope you're right and you have "more" visitors come spring!

Quack quack! they are so cute! PBS aired a program on ducks a while back...I didn't catch it all but the little bit I did definitely made me appreciate ducks much more!

The ducks and geese in our community are so aggressive. As you know, I live in an urban setting. My neighbors complain about finding ducks in their pools often. Yuck!

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