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August 27, 2011


WHOA! Thankfully Dave wasn't in that hotel!! Like I said on the phone to you.... maybe it's the UNIVERSE telling you not to go. Glad you're all okay.

So glad that Dave is OK and missed all THAT excitement! Sometimes, you've just got to have faith that He knows what He's doing.

Everything is for a reason and God has His hands on YOU!

Things do seem to happen for a reason don't they. Glad he snagged a few extra zzz's. Your husband's job sounds eerily similar to my husband's.

The tires - did I read that right, you had a blow out, he changed the tire then that tire rolled away? That's just sad. lol

wow, thank god!!! I always say there is a reason for everything...we may not know it at the time...but it will reveal itself!! so glad he is safe!

Holy hell!! I heard about that explosion and was so amazed that anyone would be making meth in a hotel and with a baby in the room. I am so happy to hear that Dave missed this event!

You never know when you're going to be in a room next to someone cooking hashish. Oh my.

Yeegads! Thank goodness no one else was injured!

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