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August 15, 2011


What kind of hospital puts the cancer ward on the THIRTEENTH floor?

Glad you've been sprung!

Sounds like you made the most of your time alone... Revelations tend to come in those quiet moments.

Glad you're out now!!!

I haven't read any blogs foe ages. I am so sorry to hear you are poorly. x

You made it through and got out of there! Thank goodness..I hope you are still glowing but differently from now on:)

I remember hearing a violin playing down the hall once when I was in the hospital. There was a story there, too.

I have waited years to find another HCC survivor!(Diagnosed 2007) With it being so rare, it is nearly impossible to relate to other cancer patients. Nobody understands the diet or isolation like we do. Last week I found a lady in TX and now you :) I am in KY. I have a blog that I just started it's dedicated to HCC. If you get a chance of want a friend who really understands, I am here.

sooo How can I follow Heather's blog. It won't let me in???

I have always wondered what it's like to get radioactive. I hope the next time I'm in the hospital for anything there's a mandolin playing!

I'm so happy that it's over and you are so far in the clear!

Loved the perspective in this post.

There is nothing more gratifying, nor more humbling, than walking out of the hospital.

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