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December 17, 2010


Hey, Karm? 60 is the new 40. So here's another 20 years to accomplish all those things. Happy Birthday!

Chin up! Forty is fabulous after you get a few years under your belt (my first year was horrible...). Don't forget about those kids you popped out ;).

Happy Birthday!

Look at it as a wake up call. Now you know you have to get on the stick and get some stuff done and you have plenty of time to do it. Happy Birthday.

HA! You young thing..put your big girl pretty panties on and grab your hubby and go out for a date..go parking ( did you KIDS ever do that?) or go for a walk in the moonlight. You will survive forty..honest..just think of your poor old she must feel.
Guess it must be time to work on your bucket list..then have three wonderful I would say you have accomplished quite alot . Happy Birthday to YOU! ( next year I will be an unmentionable age too..and next year is right around the corner:)

Goals are just things to look forward too that may or may not become reality. Life, is your reality everyday. The accomplishments that matter, are the ones that bring joy to those around you just because they are around you. The joy of being a mother, wife, daughter and sister. The smiles, hugs and kisses you get from your children, just because you are mom. We all have goals. We all have dreams. No one has ever said on their deathbed, I would have rather accomplished some material based goal, instead of knowing love.

Well, shit, when you put it that way...
Now I feel crappy too. Happy birthday anyway.

I feel ya, I felt the same way, I had anxiety over it...

Now I'm dying to know what your goals were that weren't reached cause it seems to me that every time I stop by your corner (and I know it's been a LONG ASS time since I last visited) you amaze me with how much you do.

Like the last time I checked in on your canning activities you kind of blasted mine out of the water. You got chickens for crying out loud! (Bet that wasn't on your list) and I know that having three bairns is something you really wanted to accomplish and it's one thing having them, then you have to actually raise the rascals which takes way more energy than I'll ever have and can be counted as a pretty amazing feat. I'm worn out just thinking about it!

I think you're pretty effing accomplished for only being 40.

I think you just have to get those tears out of your system and then you'll start seeing how being forty is way cooler than being anything younger.

By the time you near 50, many of that "stuff" we want to have accomplished becomes more real. I think it's because we don't care what people think, and we either "go for it" or we decide "who cares?"

At least, that's what I'm telling myself. ;-)

Oh boy. I have a couple more years but not looking forward to it. But you know, maybe instead of thinking of everything you haven't done, what about everything you have done?

Forty was good. Fifty is even better. I haven't lost any of my sex appeal or vigor and I've gained wisdom. Doesn't get much better than that.
The best is yet to come.

I agree with Angelina! I think you've built a great life for yourself and your family. Yet I also agree with the saying that life begins at 40! (I turned 40 in 2010, too.)

I'm very proud of all the things you have accomplished.

Things I wish I had done.

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