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May 04, 2010


Hmmm! I don't think I like this game...LOL..I had a friend that used to do stuff like this with my kids. He was lucky to survive!

Now I have 30 more gray hairs! I actually cringed when I saw the second picture.

That looks like FUN! I have to say your adrenaline junkie has fine taste in clothing. I recognize that olympic wear. GO CANADA!

that's why babies come with a surplus of brain must remind him later that he already killed all of the extras.

Oh I can only imagine the screaming and the laughter! What fun! Buy some hair dye:)

Agh! My hair is turning gray right along with you!

Does Dave do that with you?

I have a few more of those, too. Noticed them this morning. Sigh.

I bet that little guy just LOVES this.

omg, the caboose has grown!!!! my lord they grow so fast!!!!

scary stuff there!! what is it with boys liking to take such

It's all fun and games until Daddy gets hurt ;)

He looks like he's having fun! But I would have to close my eyes, or walk away.

it looks almost fun.

OMG - yeah my son has given me most of my grays. He jumps off the couch from the head rest and does such crazy things sometimes. Gees he freaks me out sometimes!

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