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April 15, 2009


I've been thinking of getting some myself.

Well they're really freakin cute. I can't wait to see them. It's a good thing you are using them for eggs and not for meat because I know you wouldn't have the heart to kill em. I wonder if you'll love them when they're BIG chickens?

OMG, WT, that's all you need at your place, LOL.

Good luck with your little chicks, Karmyn! These things always end up being the most work for mom ;)

Oh they are adorable! So much cuter than my Psycho Chickens! (Nice choice of name too, only nice one is called Henrietta as well. But I always call her Henry! LOL)

So much fun! I want chicks :)

There was an episode of "Dirtiest Jobs" once where they were "sexing" chicks. They had to squeeze the poop out first and then look between the legs. Perhaps you could do that now, to prepare yourself. :-)

So cute! My friend's chicks are getting so big so fast! They are fun to watch :0)

They are so cute!! I wanted chickens but hubby said no. I imagine my dog would be a terror to them anyway. I couldn't kill them. I would end up over run.

I had a pheasant under my bird feeder this morning...
That is as close as I'm going to get to chickens ha ha ha

Wow, they are getting big! You guys are so brave.

I want chickies too. I need to check my city and see if I can have a few. We love our farm fresh eggs.

Please don't eat Henry.

I forgot about you having actual chicken fear. Really, most hens don't peck very hard even when they're full grown. At least ours don't. Roosters can be a totally different matter. But our hens will peck at our rings or shoes or buttons because they like shiny things but I've never had one peck meanly.

Oh- but that reminds me: never let the kids hold the hens right in front of their face because eye-balls are shiny too.

We never got a red light because we already had white ones but next year we just might have to do that. Ha! I love learning new things like that.

I'm so glad you are loving them. They are funny funny animals.

Hi nice stories, I like your site, and thanks for dropping by mine.

they are still very cute!!

They really are growing fast and look so cute. I just knew you would love them.

how cute! I hope you get all the eggs that you can.

It will be hard to eat what you raised.

I'm watching to see how this goes with you, and might try it next year. My biggest fears are the yuck factors--bacteria like you said, and poop. I think it's a great experience for children.

WOW! A LOVELY BUNCH OF CHICKS! I had 3 chicks when I was young and they all turned out to be roosters! They played out in the backyard all day and roosted in a box in the garage at night. Mom tried to kill one to eat, but no one could eat our pet. Come see my childrens story about Boomer on my blog.

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