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March 18, 2009


wow...that's alot love!!! good for you!

Here's a comment just for the fun of it. :-)

Add another to the list! You deserve it!

I love surprises!

I love a challenge ;)

Helping you up your numbers. How do you even know how many comments you have had? Is there a feature that adds them all ? Or do we have to do the math? LOL.

Hey ... I'm taking my blog private and taking you with me. I've added your e mail address to my list of "alloweds" ... if you have any trouble getting in (if you find time to visit ... I know I've been super slow in getting to your blog, even though I LOVE it), just e mail me at
and I'll get the problem fixed. Hopefully it will be smooth.

Wait .... I need your e mail address to add! Please send it to my e mail address(above) if you would like to keep reading my blog.



Post post post. Does that count? :)

I do hope you reach the target. I thought I had already commented on this-that's odd!

Well I'd love to win some chocolate
But I'm getting rather fat,
And then there is the ice cream,
Hmmm, it might melt, Fancy That!!!!

I do however love to read,
A books right up my alley!
And I AM on a blog break,
So I really must not dally!

Just dropped by to let you know
I really am alive.
This week I'm playing with my kids
Not one... but the whole Five!

This week the boys and mum
have spent a lot of time together.
And on the weekend girls will play
Regardless of the weather.

We plan to have a party night
It sounds like lots of fun!
Lots of girls and drinks and games
With that my dear, Im done!

Toodles, have a great week.....HEHE!
Well you can't say "poem" and expect me to ignore it now can you! And damn I just went over my ten minutes on the computer!

A girls night is planned

Happy Blogoversary!!! I love Karisma's poem!!

cold stone creamery, huh.
I haven't been there in a while.

Oh there it is! LOL~ Damn this reader thing, its confusing! Posts and comments all over the place.

today I'm commenting about Ice Cream.. mmm ice cream! Lovin' it...

guess i have to hope not to win the ice cream.. no stone cold around here..or if there is I can't get to one anyway lol..

congrats on 3 years 3 yr was last october.. time flies eh?.. yeah well.. you snuck in another baby since you've been blogging too!

who doesnt love chocolate, I mean, come on?

SO your mom sent me over...I am a bloggy friend of hers and I have fallen in love with her and her sincere comments on my I decided to follow your link. So glad I did.

Happy Blogiversary...Three years is a very long time in blogland. Congratulations...

I'm really not here for anything but to say hello to you. I've already subscribed to your blog and I plan on being back often...

Looking forward to getting to 'know' you better. Have fun with your mom this week!!!!!


Hey! Its been a LONG time!! I am glad to see you are doing excellent :) I hope y'all had a great time at the ocean. Chocolate, yummmmmmmm. I am craving some badly!

Hi, It's the second time i'm posting you without a reply. I found your site using Yaehoo, does your site support firefox?

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