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January 22, 2009


I REALLY need to organize my photos better! Thanks for the tag. Working on it right now! Love the meme-fun!

I love how the enlarged photo turned out! Amazing what a few changes can do.

Thanks for thinking of me!

Thanks for playing along even when you normally don't, Karmyn!

That's a really great photo, and I do love what you did with it in photoshop as well!

Adorable pic! You can stop them from growing up now I think. She looks so tiny. (Still lurking!!!)

Whatever you were trying to achieve you ended up with a great picture.

It's a great pic...nice job...

I have been tagged to do the 5th folder and 5th picture,,,just as soon as i get some more pics on my computer i will do it.

I like your photoshopping on the hay pile. She almost looks like she is walking on some giant boulder.

What a great photo to share for this one!!! She's a cutie indeed ;--)

I did this one at Small Reflections earlier this week after being tagged by Hootin' Anni.
Hugs and blessings,

That's a great picture! I just put mine up, plus a bonus China picture just for you.

Great pic! :)

Thank you for the comment about the Cricut. I get up early every morning to see Robocop off to work. I always find the commercial and watch it. I know I really need one. Ok not need but really WANT one. *LOL*

Thats a great shot! I need to learn to use PS as well, Im just too lazy to be bothered!

I suck at Photoshop, but am impressed with your skills...have been on the road for over two weeks...just now with Wifi and the time to say Hey...Hey.

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