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January 29, 2009


Dear Karmyn. Ohh where on earth did you get the time to write books, as well as have three kids? Do you write all night and be a mum during the day? I think you must be a superwoman (I've got a WHOLE new appreciation for parents now!)

Interview me... fun!

No poisonous snakes?! Dang! I should move back!

How fun....thanks for the view inside your brain! Oh, and I simply must visit the Pacific Northwest at some time in my life!

Interview me!

And if you need some butt-kicking about editing your stuff, I'm happy to oblige.

Get those books out there!

But before you do that, interview me!

I believe in aliens too. Probably not a surprise to many people but, like you, I think it's pretty arrogant to think we are the only ones in the universe. And...I'm pretty boring but you can interview me if you would like.

Wow that sounds beautiful where you live, for temps that would suit me down to the ground - not to mention the lack of snakes! :)

I loved your questions and answers though...good read. Get moving on those books woman LOL

Wendy aka gcgal

I totally believe, too. I certainly hope to see you in print someday (soon!). Cool post!

we're considered Pac NW... and we do have rattlesnakes. I think it's just west of the Cascades that enjoy freedom from them.

You did a great job with this.

Someone else did this a while back and I said they could interview me and then nothing, natta, not a word. I do think it is a very cool idea.

Thanks for participating Karmyn and really great answers!
Oregon sounds great!
And i do believe in Aliens and according to Sylvia Browne we will see them more in lets see if she's right.
Thanks again...

Interview ME!!

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