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September 28, 2008


Told you you had a wire loose!

Sounds like a good time, and it all worked out! How nice to have the extra help!


Im glad it turned out okay! And Im sure you will get that new oven one day!

Happy Birthday Buttercup! What a beautiful girl you are! Im glad you had such a lovely party!

It sounds like everything came out really well. You are lucky to have a sister that could come and help out and make it a special day for Buttercup. I LOVE the idea of a costume party!

We are doing the birthday (6 year old) thing next week end. We are going to the defranchised Build a Bear and then a family party later. It is going to be great (I just keep telling myself that).

I was SOOOOO happy to help, sis! Come on now - I got to hang out and rock that little Caboose!! He is so sweet, by the way. I'm so glad Princess Buttercup had a good time. For my beautiful niece's birthday party, I'd glad roll down a hill screaming, "AS YOOOOU WIIIIIISH!"

Love you guys. See you in a few day.

Happy Birthday, Buttercup!!!

It sounds like, despite the tempermental overn, the day went well!! Thank goodness for sisters!!

PS .... next time, take the dang wire out completely ... then it can't be wired back in!

Happy Birthday, Buttercup! You were the prettiest princess at the party!

Way to go Aunt Amanda! So glad the party was a success.

(Oh, and sorry about the oven. *waaaa*

looks like we are both raising Libra's :)
Yours sounds as determined as
Happy Birthday Buttercup!!!
I'm glad that you were able to fix your oven. I know secretly you wanted another but these days another expense is not what anyone needs.
It looks like it was a fun party despite it all...good on you mom!

Next time just cut the wire if you want a new stove!

The pictures are so cute. It looks like everyone had a good time.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hopes my appliances will die so I can get new ones. Looks like a fun party!

I gave you an award last week - come on over and pick it up!

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