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September 22, 2008


Cool logo. :)

I do love the duckies amidst the flowers in your header … very ‘kewl’ indeed! Many of my friends still follow the teams of their college alma mater as you do ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Cougars - never heard of them... BAHAHAHA


one of my friends is a huge Cougars fan, an alumni also, and regularly drives up for games!!!

I love hearing about college rivalries. It sounds like this one is a doozy!

thanks for sharing today!

My friend Greg and his wife Debbi are Coug fans. They both graduated from there.

Me? I went to Arizona State! Go Devils!

I know I'm going to be reading about a lot of college teams that I won't know!

It is always good to support your old team.

Never heard of them, sorry.

M R Ducks
M R Not Ducks
C M Wangs
Well, I B
M R Ducks

Hey, stop by to see who I found this weekend.

Go OU Sooners!

I hear ya girl! Stick to that home team!

Sports?? Huh??

our alliances are a little harder to dissect around here. go cougs.

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