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September 25, 2008


Bravo! My dear! I must admit, I have been pondering on this one! Its spring here not fall, so Im feeling quite jubilant so to speak! We are just awakening from our winter blues and learning to live again! (And as much as I LOVE our dear Robin, I am finding it hard to write in this style. To me poetry must rhyme!!!!!!!)I know I am rather one sided where this is concerned and beginning to think that once again I may just have to break the rules! My bad! I am becoming such a norty girl!

Fall is my favorite season...but I admit to feeling this way for the past month or two. Summer totally took it out of me, and there's too much going on for me to enjoy fall at the moment. Hibernation sounds wonderful.

Your second line nails it for me!

You know, at first it kind of bummed me out. But when I thought of it as coming from the earth's perspective, I think it captures fall perfectly. The idea of depletion can totally be seen in the fading leaves on the trees.

ditto. esp. line 2. yup. i understand.

I've never been poet..but i think you did beautifully :)

I need this one as my personal motto. With two sick kids atm, I could seriously use some hibernatin'!

Iā€™m not participating today ā€¦ but I certainly relate to your Autumn cinquain. Methinks many of us are weary on a variety of levels.
Hugs and blessings,

Perfect. I have been feeling particularly gravity-laden myself lately.

Depleted, Consumed
Withdrawing, Hibernating, Recovering
Preparations for a long winter sleep

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