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August 05, 2008


I can't remove those stupid black diamonds. Sorry folks

I kinda hear the twilight zone music in the background. really you probably did experience her just visiting..kinda nice to know she is checking in on you all.

Wow, kinda freaky.

that is just bizarre hon.

I got shivers when you told me today on the phone. What a scary - yet somehow exciting - experience! I totally believe that energy could be responsible for this. Myra may have passed on, rest her soul, but her energy didn't.

My grandmothers and Matthew's grandmothers have "visited" to check out Bethy. I can't explain it, either, but I know it's real.

My cousins once saw my dead grandfather looking at all of us (his grandchildren) gathered in the living room of his old house. I like to think about him coming to see all of us who were born after he died. I bet he still shows up sometimes, when no one's looking.

I don't find in the realm of the weird, but I think you're lucky! That's really cool.

Goosebumps!!!!!! Very cool!

Very neet feeling that our loveones are watching over us. I hope that my mother does the same, though I never feel her yet.
I know that if I pass some day, that I would take any chance to visit my love ones as often as possible. ( I've been visiting after seeing you comments on my daughter's blog- Caroline)

It's all your fault! I'm a right plurker!!

A little freaky but kinda cool too! And the sleeping Caboose? STILL too cute for words!

My mom, gone now 23 years, comes and checks on the kids often. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Wow, freaky, hadn't heard of that before!

What are all those funny symbols about? And what happened to the Karaoke?

Gives me chills. I sometimes have "visits" from relatives too.

Wow! That was some experience! At least it was a nice one (smoke aside)! And might I just say what a lovely beanie Caboose is wearing, it suits him even though his little ear is poking out! I think he needs a new one!

That's pretty cool! Hope she enjoyed her peek. :)

I've felt people visiting before. It's kind of cool. She probably did want to see the new family member.

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