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August 10, 2008


What cute stories. I hope Buttercup and my daughter can keep that same attitude into their teen years. :)

Flurbing...that's hilarious! say the darndest things...
I heard that in my city we can recycle 1 thru 7 just

I like myself, too. It's my body I'm not too fond Just kidding. Great flurbs.

Yep Flurbing sounds about right! Thus far I have not had the time to be online at the same time as anyone else.

I think I shall need to borrow Buttercup so she can teach the grown ups in this house how to recycle! I am forever fishing things out and switching them around. So frustrating! What a clever little girl she is.

flurbing. Tell Dave that is what I do. Especially if I eat Chili.

Buttercup, buttercup butter,butter, buttercup.
She is the cats meow.

Dave? I got so confused, you must mean Jammin'!! I thought for a second that you might have been talking about your husband. And you're lucky to be able to recycle #5's, we can only do 1 and 2 and have way too many yogurt cups.

Oh wait, you are talking about your husband, aren't you...

Flurbing works for me!!!

Can Buttercup teach me all about recycle codes?

I want to be a fly on the wall at your house some time. I could use the laughs.

You know you've gotten a little too addicted to the internet when your rocket scientist hubby tells you you are an internet dork. He'd totally say something negative about Plurk, too. And, way to go on the positive self-image for Buttercup.

Love the little conversations kids have. Too funny. Hooray for positive self image!

Those kids are so silly. I can't wait to see them!!

Airbags? lol

We can't recycle fives at our recycling center.

What's a five? Or is this an American thing?

Your kids crack me up!!


That first one from Buttercup is especially precious, and a good lesson for all of us.

"I really like myself." She smiled. "I like myself a lot."

I hope she maintains that positive self-attitude throughout her teen years.

--I would guess probably. She knows she's pretty. She knows it. In another 40 years, she'll be a really hot MILF, I think. ;)

An airbag for the crib. Funny.

And you know I'm not a ped, Karm. I don't date any women ain't got no kids. You know that.

Now that I mention it, I haven't received any submissions from you yet....

Love it! Especially the plastics!!! Those are the sorts of things my crazy kid will know, too!!

Those are the greatest!

Hee-lair, Karmyn. Your kids have me wrapped with this one :).

And you're plurking? I'm "walking away from the light" (but knowing you do is a selling point :) ). I twitter (some), but I see the potential for reeeal addiction :/. That means I have to do it at arms length...then walk away. Reading WT's post and the comments, I'm convinced I couldn't handle it (cause I'd get waaaaaay too involved, lol).

It's amazing that Buttercup already knows the recycling numbers things! Wow! And Jammin' is pretty frickin smart to know the stuffed animals are similar to the airbag.

I hope she always loves herself! When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me stories about him being a little girl when he was little and magically changing to a man when he grew up. I think it was his way of trying to get me to eat onions.

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