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July 12, 2008


Goddammit! Let's not start this again! You used that dancing Snoopy a year ago and I spent 3 days trying to get one working on my Blogger blog. I won't be sucked in this time!

Well done on the clothes.

Congrats!!!! That is a true milestone.


You go GIRL! I am so proud of you....

Wow, that was pretty quick! Congrats! I have yet to fit into the clothes I wore before having #3! (I bounced back within 3 months after #1 and #2, but #3 was the last straw!)

I love the hopping Snoopy :)

Woot, woot!! Hip hip hooraaaay! Um, I could be your weight loss buddy. I want to lose about 30-40 and run the half-marathon in 2009.

That seems pretty good in such a short time. It always helps to have a goal, I'm sure you will make it with all of us to encourage you!

It's the middle of the freaking night, I can't sleep, and I'm reading a tiny bit (had no intent to comment anywhere, and now this is my second :/).

I saw Snoopy Dancing and I HAD to comment though! Why? WAAHOOOOO--YOU WORE YOUR JEANS! That's reason to partay!!! And quick, Karmyn...very fast.

So fun that you have HAWAII for a motive to get into shape...THAT is a trip of a lifetime :).

(maybe back to bed now...I hope this makes sense :).)

Holy cow! I couldn't get in my prepreg jeans if my life depended on it. And, good for you getting a nice vacay for the 10th. Mine is just before yours and I doubt I'm getting a thing.

Congratulations! Thats pretty impressive!

BRAVO! Good job! I'm sure that feels great!

Oooo, I'm dancing with you. I know you feel fabulous.

I'm sure you'll lose that other annoying little number. GO KARMYN!!!

You go girl ! Congrats.
Did you ever tell us what the difference was in the 6 feet you posted a ways down this page? Just now trying to catch up on some reading.

Congratulations!! Just remember Hawaii when you get tempted!! :)

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