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July 09, 2008


Oh. My. Lord. In. Heaven. How cute can one kid be? It should be illegal! Makes my ovaries scream!

Your baby is an absolute angel!!

Looks like he and kitty both are enjoying some peaceful dreams!!... Great picture!!

He is sooooo cute! What a serious face in the first pic .... absolutely beautiful little boy!

He's so adorable. Contemplative? He looks almost pensive.

I love the baby and cat snuggle!

He is one strong little dude - cute too!

Looking at those beautiful photos I cannot believe he's only 6 weeks! Just too cute and yummy :)


He's s.t.i.n.k.i.n. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.!!!

And gosh, I can't believe how much he's growing into his look SO FAST!


He is growing way too fast!!!

He is PAPARRAZI WORTHY! So dang cute.

So glad he's doing great. Is his collar bone feeling all better?

What a DOLL!! Sooooo cute!!!!

What a cutie. Am I imagining it, or does he still look like she could be called OJ?

Obviously that should have be HE, I have no idea where that 's' came from!!

I can't believe he's 6 weeks already. He is absolutely gorgeous, Karmyn. :)

What a beautiful boy! and strong, too!

So darling... I can't wait to meet him.

Oh My Goodness, the cuteness. If I wasn't already pregnant, my ovaries would be aching for one RIGHT NOW!!! He's beautiful...Handsome!

One more time...Awwwwwwh. Wait, how do you spell that exasperated sound when some little fella is ridiculously cute.

Cute-o-meter hit tilt!

He's so precious, Karmyn. I can't believe he's six weeks old already - he looks older.

Dear karmyn. What a cutie! He looks like he's going to be a cheeky little munchkin when he grows up too ;)


#1) Go Ahead Punk.. make my day
#2) Life is hard, then you nap.

AWW! He's amazing with those eyes!! Very intense little guy you've got there!!

I got me such a strong little nephew!! NOT to mention ADORABLE! I can't wait to see him again.

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