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June 13, 2008


Both of my bigass boys broke their collarbones when they came into the world. Is it possible that ginaholes are not supposed to pass 9 and 10 pound babies?

They are fine now. Glad you found out about Pumpkin's.

I still can't believe this. The poos little guy. It makes sense now, though. I'm glad that he is healing now. That way, next time I get to cuddle the little doll, he'll be happier.

I love you all!!

dear karmyn. Oh my gosh! I've never heard of that happening. Poor little Caboose! Thank goodness he's not in pain anymore! Glad the calcium deposit goes away - both my bro and Mr Moi have broken their collarbone twice in the same spot, and they have bonded over their (permanent) lumps.

Oh! There must have been many mommy tears over this.
When Sean was born he had bruises all over his face and he made this constand quiet whine whenever he would breath. The only thing that would make it stop was letting him sleep on my naked chest. After the first couple of days it stopped altogether.

I just remember my mother coming in to visit us, hearing the sound he was making, and she immediately started crying!

Wow - that is too bad for the little guy. My kids screamed and screamed and as far as I know they didn't have any broken bones. They probably just thought they were dealt a bad hand in life because I was their mom.

I'm glad the little Caboose is feeling better - how are you doing?

I moved. The new place is

Oh, ugh. Such a fighter he is, already!

Emily broke her collarbone falling out of bed when she was 4, and it was obviously miserable for the first 2-3 days. And by 2 weeks later, you would never have known it happened, even though on an x-ray you could still clearly see a clean break in there.

Kids are amazing.

Oh, my God. How did the nurses not figure that out? Oh, sweets. I'm so sorry. At least he's showing you how strong he is. WOW.

Oh, Karmyn, how awful! Poor little guy! How wonderful that it healed so quickly though, whew. You must be feeling bad, but really, how could you have known? I would think the nurses or doctors should have noticed it during one of his exams before he left the hospital. On to better days... :)

Hey, when he's older, and he and his peers are comparing who has had more broken bones and stitches, etc., he can add that one to his tally!

Oh dear poor little chap, glad it healed quickly. Hope you are doing OK!

It makes you wonder just how well they examine the baby before releasing him from the hospital ! Wow.. incredible!


you have no email so I have to let you know here... I copied your comment to my blog at blogspot (you and your mom are the ONLY people who read the wordpress "copy" lol... I just want any participants in one spot! This is what I wrote in blogspot to your comment:

Just so I keep all comments here I am copying this from my duplicate on wordpress. I will also do this if anyone leaves a comment in aol.


Very cool. I am always happy to hear that someone has earned a publishing contract!!!!

Oh - I went and left a message for him too.

Your name will go in the drawing!!

Poor baby! I am glad he is feeling better now!

Aww the poor little guy, I'm glad he's OK now. I wonder how often this happens.

I think they should routinely check for broken collar bones. It happens to a lot of people. I am just glad it was nothing more serious and Caboose is healing well!

Poor lil baby! Not to mention the attendant mom guilt. Makes me wonder now about my youngest. She couldn't stand to be held...could be why.

So glad all is better.

Ay yi yi!


What the crap??? Is this normal???

Great...smething ELSE for me to worry about...

Oh - and I am glad he is feelin better! Poor little guy....

:(, Karmyn...

I hope you aren't beating yourself up over this like you should've known--the peeps at the hospital didn't even detect it! I bet there wasn't much you could've done to ease his pain even if you HAD they give pain meds to newborns???

Buttercup and Jammin' were gentle :)...and so were y'all. He was born into special hands and hearts, so that's probably helped him heal even more quickly.


Poor little one. I'm glad he's no longer in pain. Now, get some sleep, you!

Ouch! That is so not fair! Poor little Caboose! Kiss him from me lots and lots and lots! I don't understand how that could even happen. I thought babies had soft bones before birth! My third one broke my tail bone. I could not sit down for weeks. I did not mind though, very very quick birth! She did all the work! LOL! Meeeeeh! I think Im gonna cry now, I keep seeing his sweet little face! You know secretly I have dropped by nearly every day just to admire his sweetness! Hugs to you Karmyn! You must be hurting right now! He will be okay, lots of virtual lovin' comin' your way!

Glad all is ok now! xx

Poor little guy!! i'm glad you found out and that he's healing quickly!!

That's scary but at least he feels better. Poor little dude.

Oh that just makes me cry for him. I know he's ok now but poor baby was in pain and couldn't tell anyone. :(

Hope he is doing well...poor baby...

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