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April 23, 2008


Well, they come when they feel like it!

1 - came on her due date (but 3 days labour)
2 - three weeks early
3 - 10 days late
4 - 10 days late
5 - 14 days late Its a bit like a want it cooked just right!

And June is a good month..I was born then!

Yes yes... whenever they remember to turn the gas off in there, then they'll come when they're good and ready! heh heh

1 - 2 weeks late [but a 36-hour labour!]
2 - 2 days early
3 - 2 days late!
On averages, I think we went pretty well with ours... heh heh.

Hope you manage to enjoy your last 4-or-so weeks. Keep ur fluids up! And dang those 5-trips-a-nite to the loo! lol.

Mal :)

LOL!!!! Honey, I feel your pain. You can rest in knowing that somewhere in Virginia, there's a girl named Susan that is ALWAYS ALWAYS the last one to have her baby. It's irritating, it's frustrating, and it's MADDENING!

When I was nearing my due date with Golden Boy, the docs were worried that he was getting pretty large, so they scheduled me for an induction on a Monday morning (two weeks before my due date). I had one particular friend who was pregnant and due 2 weeks after me. "A-HA!" I thought. "I'll surely beat her now!" (I was so excited not to have to endure the last two weeks of pregnancy - in my opinion, you CAN'T POSSIBLY understand the true misery of pregnancy unless you've carried a child at least 41 weeks.)

As I was just checked into my room at 7 am Monday morning, I got a knock on my hospital room door. It was my friend - being pushed in a wheelchair by her husband with a big grin on her face. "I just had my baby a couple of hours ago! Can you believe it?"

Yes. I can. Because I'm always LAST.

I'll just *duck* and tell you that my kids both came exactly one week earlier than their due dates. I did have a long, hot, huge-pregnant summer with the first one, though, so. Please don't hate me. ;)

One of mine was early (due to complications), one was "late" by four days. Actually, the summer held off its first day of 100 degree temps until I went in the hospital to have #2, so I was pretty grateful for being a bit late!

You can use the trick I always use...induction. Three times--because I was "favorable" and I wanted to pick my favorite doc to deliver.

The weird thing was every delivery was VERY different (though the same method of induction was used...).

You're just trying to scramble our brains with a pool, aren't you ;).

I bet he'll show up right on time & surprise you. Or? Maybe on Mother's Day just to make you love him all the more.

Today is the day I wanted mine to show up. I arrived at my first OB appt & told the doctor I wanted to be induced on April 23. And, that I was very, very serious. The kiddo decided he wanted out earlier, but I still wish this was his bday.

That would have frustrated me.

It's okay if you hated me... I would have hated me too. I'm predicting you will have him before my birthday... June 25th!

Maybe he'll be born in his Aunty Mandy's birthday! Or maybe he'll be a stubborn mule like his siblings, eh? I hope it's fast and easy for you sis. Love you!!

I just noticed your baby-meter-widget.

I was induced with both. Almost two weeks early with first and one week early with second.

I vote induction! Just kidding. I wish I had not been induced both times.

Our last son was just over two weeks late - he was the third and they are supposed to slide out easier. However, he weighed a little more. In fact, when he did decide to come out, he had a full set of teeth and I had to trim his fingernails. Always come ot me for an encouraging word.... NLM

You're due for an early one. Let's see I had mine, on the date, 5 days late, 5 days early and 2 weeks early. It's weird I can remember that isn't it. I thought I would die each time I was late. I did try to the castor oil and went into labor the next day so maybe it worked? It was nasty stuff!

sounds like a great nickname: JuneBaby

I can relate. Even my last baby, who was SUPPOSED to arrive early because I'd had the stitch removed that held my cervix closed and was already a few centimetres dilated 4 weeks before her due date, had to be induced on her due date. And the first 2 were both over a week late. I feel your pain.

Dillon arrived 10 days early so on my second pregnancy I assumed I would be early. Bad mistake. Mollie was two weeks late and they were the longest two weeks ever. With Ben I decided he would be two weeks late so much so that it completely took me by suprise to find myself in labour six days after my due date...even better was the fact that I gave birth within two hours of arriving at the hospital.

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