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April 24, 2008


Touche. Well spoken, Ma'am.

Aint it always the way... the things we think of to say *after* the moments' past? D'OH! lol

Mal :)

Why bother, those two old bags weren't there to hear what you had to say anyway (and despite what they say, they aren't really interested in saving you soul either), they were there to save their own souls, and preaching the 'word' is merely a requirement of their religion.

I have been known to issue a stream of profanity, it's my castle they're invading so I'll defend it how I see fit.

They must've come straight from your house to mine. We chatted. I've gotten to know mine, so it's not as freaky as it used to be. The thing I hate is that they treat you like a 3 year old where all things 'Bible' are concerned.
They'll point to a passage (John 3:16) and then explain it to you. I want to grab them around the neck, shake them and say, "I've read it, damn it!" Then I want to say, "Please explain to me Amos's reluctance to leave his goats and the extreme depression that haunted him once he did!"

I just shut the door in their face. You handled it much better than I. Although if you ever respond to them the way you want, can you take a picture of them please? The surprised look on their face will be well worth it.

Well said, my friend!

Hey, sorry I won't be around for your virtual baby shower... I'll be thinking of you!!

Nicely said. I always think of wise things to say AFTER they leave too.

I just tell them about my blood transfusion 8 years ago! Works every time, true as well. Other than that, tell them to piss off!

What a beautiful post! You should print it out and next time they come knocking on your door you can see, "here, I have pamphlets too". ;-)

Well said, you hit the nail hard on the head. I'm with WT on the fact that they are invading your castle. After all how many of the prophets of the bible invaded peoples homes to preach to them?

I like Karina's idea!!

I'm proud to be an American, so I'm proud to say that every person has the right to believe what they want, including jehovah witnesses, jews, christians, and satan worshippers. What bothers me is that they knock on my door and bug me about it. I don't go around knocking on THEIR doors tell THEM what to believe! Mind your business, people!!

Good post. I second WT's and Karina's thoughts (except for the profanity), and Amanda's thoughts.

I vote for Karina's idea - let's all print out pamphlets and hand them out. Mine are giong to read, leave it at the door, I am in bed with a migraine, pray for me.

There are several religions that go door to door. I give them credit for doing what they believe. I wish I had more grace for people and their lofty endeavors -

Anyone that doesn't believe in celebrating birthdays is not welcome!!!

Amen, sistah!

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