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April 02, 2008


Karmyn, you are not a good hider. If you want us to guess properly, don't make the bags see through.

Congratulations!! And totally off topic, I saw a bird on my fence yesterday and immediately thought, "Karmyn would know what kind of bird that is." :) Sorry I have been gone so long.

Lots of pink in those bags, so you get to go buy new blue baby clothes. That's great! Congratulations! on the boy and Congratulations for keeping a secret. I could never do that.


OH! I'm so excited. I'm going to have a nephew.

May I host a 'virtual' baby shower for you?

Remember when I hosted the Open House Parties for JulieBug and Tiggerlane? It was SO much fun.
Please say yes.

(*sniff*) Look at all that pink! All those cute little clothes with the ruffles and bows and flowers. Why is so much harder to part with the girl stuff than the boy stuff?

Oh...and, yes. You ARE deplorable. But you're not big and fat. But you are a stinkin' liar. And let's not forget deplorable.

But I suppose you have the next 49 days of swollen ankles, sore back, getting kicked in the ribs, and Braxton-Hicks to think about that. I wouldn't trade places :D

congrats to you!!

Yeah for little boys!

Having 3 girls, you should see the pile of clothes in their rooms I having to go through! ACK!! Or should I say I'm buried under!!

Congrats! My son doesn't come close to owning half the clothes his sisters do. Which works out perfectly. He doesn't have too many choices. :)

DO NOT get rid of those clothes until the baby comes out and your verify that has the bat and balls. I suppose they have advanced the sonogram...but one can never be to careful. Let's just say I was fooled by one.

Oh lord...another will have your hands full for the rest of your life with two boys!!!!!

On the other hand, boys are pretty damn great.

I thought I commented on this one already! Congrats on the new baby boy coming!!

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