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April 02, 2008


I don't have to look more closely, I know....


Name him in Murphey's Law.

(Oooooo, I SOOOoooo hope you told your mom before you posted this!!!)


(I guess it's obvious "why" I knew...there's no way you could have 12 bags of boy clothes...there's just not that much variety...)


And now you get to go shoppin', girl!!

Yes it's gotta be a boy~some lucky person is going to have a field day looking through all those bags of clothes.

Yep, looks like a suspiciously lot of pink in those bags... hooray for boys!

(Or...... twins? Anything else we don't know??)

Unless you like to dress girls in lots of blue, I'd say you're having a cutie patootie boy.

I knew you knew....I just knew it was a boy - I could feel it!

Congrats all over again.

My grandma is rolling over in her grave -- I bet her babies had two sets of clothes.
Wet and dry.

Boy, oh boy! I can't wait to see some pics when he comes along!

I am so jealous! I would love me a baby boy!


Oh, HELL, a Rambo in the making! Yes, you are deplorable! LOL!

Well, you lied again. You DID tell mom and sister, just not as soon as you should've. So hey, I've been thinking about boy names. I'll email some to you. I'm so happy for you guys. I think Buttercup will have a hayday with her new little brother.

See you guys this weekend. Love ya!

12 bags?? 12 BAGS??????? good lord that's a lot of clothes. I don't think I even have 12 bags of clothes myself now!!!

You know what's funny? I had a feeling 1. you knew & 2. it was a boy. I don't know why. Gut instinct. If you need any boy stuff I literally have 10 80 gallon rubbermaids filled with boy stuff. Now? Are you revealing the name?

You're forgiven. WOOOOOOOO!


I'm the odd one out .. I see alot of blue and reds in those bags .. which would only mean you're getting rid of the boy clothes. I must be blind to differ from all these other folk, or maybe need another coffee! lol

Seems a lot of pink in those bags.

Hurray for the red, white, and blue! All great colors for little boy

No, not Murphey, name him Montana. :) Now I know why you didn't tell us sooner.

Only a girl could have that many clothes!

Hooray for little boys!

All that white... perhaps it's an angel? [giggles happily]

Mal :)

OMG! I am so excited... a little brother... Buttercup remains the princess... uh, oh!

Oh you naughty girl! You were not supposed to tell!

Heyyyy that's a lot of pink in those bags so it must be a little boy on the way!! Yippee!


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