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April 16, 2008


Ha ha ha. Very funny. Oh, FYI, the pop-up photo is HUGE!!!!!!!

Karmyn, WT isn't joking...your picture DOES supersize!! (BTW, the way I found to keep mine small when I don't wanna show the "details" is to "Copy Image" when the post is in "Preview" mode...then upload it again.)

BUT...your little re-write of the song? BRILLIANT! You might be all those things, but darlin', you're still smart and daggum funny!!


When I first glanced at the picture, it looked like a *very* warped foot. (your fingers were the freaky toes)

So, baby belly? Not so bad. ;)

ROFL!!!!! You just captured every single thing that I was thinking at this point in my third pregnancy - well done!

When your water breaks
We'll hear you shout:
Don't forget to breathe
And push him out!

Too funny! I have a theory that stretch marks are like pantyhose and once they "rip" they just get longer with every subsequent pregnancy.

Darn pregnant bellies!

Thanks for the memories (I think).

omg, I understand this song 150%!!!!!!!!

beautiful baby belly photo :)

This is FABULOUS! And after one kid I have stretch marks like that.

It will all be worth it... but I love the song... I may have to pass that along!

You're killing me - I lost it at the "it is the shits" line. :)

That was the best! You truly captured how a woman feels in her last trimester. :) It'll be over soon. :)

What a great song~ the last few weeks of waiting are always the worst~ And Susan's last verse is brilliant!


ohh I love it love it love it!

I've been such a terrible blogging friend. I think I am going to start another blog called the half hearted blogger. Or the undedicated blogger. or perhaps the good intentions blogger

Oh, my Lord that is perfect. I simply love it!

La la la! You are a fab songstress (or whatever the word is)!!

I hear you baby! Don't worry you will see "why you chose to be that way" very soon! (Providing that is you dont go 14 days over like I did!) The end of being fat is near...the end of sleepless nights though may be a thing of the past!

Your poetry is very amusing, now go and write another one about the woes of housework for me!

Wow, that is the best pregnancy poem I've ever read! Okay, maybe the only one. But thank you for reminding me why I never want to pregnant again!

you are funny!!!

Hysterical song! I'll be singing it all day!

Ah...stretch marks upon stretch marks. Another reason I had one kid. I honestly don't think there was any more room on my stomach for scars.

Love the song!

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Hehehe! This one is cute! Hope I can hear it!

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