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April 04, 2008


Oh, how sweet. I love their innocent expressions. I imagine your mom loves hearing how old she is!

Thank the lord I have 9 more years before I'm really old!

Happy birthday Jammin'!

Oh...sigh. sweetheart.

There are days when I feel really old. Like now. Ugh.

Oh dear am I even alive LOL.

Hey! Oldie!

omg, I am going to be 39 in a couple of weeks.....50 aint too far off.

This was cute BTW! I love hearing what kids have to say and I got a giggle out of your jammin

there you have it, you are officially really old, out of the mouth of a 7 year old!! too funny. He'll look at things differently when he gets older!! hahahah!

"I'm just excited" - that's so gorgeous! Thank you!

I love the vision of children.

Mal :)

That's super sweet! I should do a birthday interview with my son when he turns 8.

How cute!

Happy Birthday Jammin!!

AWWWWWW! Isn't he sweet. Why, oh why, do they have to grow up? (*sniff*)

Happy birthday Jammin! Mine's seven too. I think seven is a great age. Well, I hated being seven but from a mom's perspective, seven year old boys are pretty amazing and a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday, Jammin!!

Love, A Really Old Mommy

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