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April 19, 2008


Gawd, I could tell you how many times I've heard that argument between MY three kids...

And I don't even play on the GameBoy. LOL


LOL Daddy needs his own game boy!!!


ChrisB beat me to my comment.

ha ha ha ha I remember hearing a very similar conversation when I was down a couple weeks ago. :) Too funny.
Love you guys!

Sounds like what my future will hold. My hubby also is obsessed with gaming!

I see a narrative here.

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Fortunately, my hubby is not that big of a gamer. Although, Christmas morning there was quite a scramble for position with the Wii! That bowling is F-U-N!

Yep sounds like Daddy needs his own Gameboy! I've heard that argument with the kids and daddy before here though

Ha ha! In our house "Daddy" always gets the first new toy that comes out! The kids have learned to be patient because they know he will get bored quickly and move onto something new!

Love it...Ben and Joules have similar conversations over the PS3.

I agree, Daddy definitely needs his own game boy.

haha! I heard that all week w/ the guitar hero!

our poor kiddos...lmao

This same conversation goes on in our house as well. Video games were made for my husband. He beats them all usually in the first sitting. Which is why he can't seem to give up the controller.

That sounds like a lot of fun!

That sounds eerily familiar.

I'm lucky here... I don't even know how to turn the Gameboys or any assorted video games or consoles ON! rofl!
Mal :)

Tad doesn't know how to cut it on. I'll inform my boys they need to be thankful!

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