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April 21, 2008


Has anyone commented on the clothes? In my limited experience, babies need A LOT of clothes in the early days, so it looks to me like you're properly set up.

I think it's good to be ready because once they come you just have to streamline absolutely every moment of your day- why not start off at least mostly organized and stocked with the things you need?

I chose to do disposables but I wish now that I had done cloth. Oh well. Maybe I'll do cloth for myself when I'm old and incontinent.

I'll leave you with that delightful image.

Your nesting.

I're - I hate it when I do that!

ooo, I loved pulling out the baby stuff when it was close. Warm fuzzy feelings. I'll actually be on vacation on the ninth but plan to pre-write up that post. I may even try bloggers test post-dating. Maybe not in case it doesn't actually work. :-)

Very ecologically responsible of you to use those cloth diapers, but I gotta ask...
How do you clean them? Seriously. Do you dump the contents in the toilet and just throw them in the washing machine. Does this collect in the washing machine?

We passed-on heaps of our baby clothes with our three.

When we first became pregnant, we literally had nothing at all... perhaps like one baby singlet.
By the time JD was born, we had received so much stuff from people 'passing their baby stuff on' that we didn't know what to do with all of it!

It's a great feeling to have.

Good on you. Keep your fluids up and get rest whenever you ca, Ma'am! heh heh.

Mal :)

I am enjoying this sooo much. :) One of our friends is due within days of you and I can't wait to see which one of you pops first. :) I think you should both deliver on my anniversary (24th). :0 Oh, and your both having boys. :)

you're not your - I tried to coorect it but I had already clicked post and it can't be fooled. :(

I don't think these posts are boring at all! I love hearing about it although a little jealous only because I miss having my own babies. My kids are too big :(.
I did disposables for the first couple of week with the kids and then cloth diapers till they were super mobile, like walking. It was much more cost effective and many other things like not having to worry about running to the store before it closes or some silly thing like that.

Oh! Its all so exciting, you are "almost" and I stress the almost, making me clucky! Every now and then I wish for another baby but you know, then common sense clicks in! (Keeping in mind I have really done my share here!) Very happy to see you are using cloth. I did also for the last two, was a bit naughty with the first three, but really it is much better for the environment! Have you heard of G-diapers? They make an environmentally friendly insert for the diapers that breaks down really quickly, I would sure consider them IF I was having another bubby!

I pushed 4 weeks before Aaron was due to get everything. Good thing too, because he came 3 weeks early.

It's getting very exiting now you are sorting out all the clothes and equipment. We are all eagerly awaiting the new arrival~ it will be fun guessing the date!

So excited for you! I remember that moment when I realized "um. . .I could give birth ANY TIME NOW" and we both freaked out!!! So excited about the cloth diapers! I ordered some Bum Genius and am really curious about the Happy Heiny's. Very exciting!!!

You are so organized. I remember the night I went into labor with the youngest one and realized there was a pile of laundry on the floor of her nursery! Funny is watching a laboring woman shouting "I am not coming home to this pile of laundry!" ;)

Oh I love that nesting sure look like your ready so you can chill out untill the big day.

Good luck with the hatching, no,no,birth!

So close, how exciting!!

I agree with not needing to get the crib out for at least 2 months. Actually, I don't think my youngest used his crib more than 10 times, sigh! And he's the one that could have used it the longest!

I thought about using cloth diapers. But that's as far as I got.

May 24th is the day! (My youngest's birthday.)

I always hand down my son's clothes to other people with boys. Unless I can make some extra cash on eBay for the name brands.

I'm getting SOOOOO excited! I can't wait to meet the little tyke. I play doting Auntie well, don't I?

I can come down and help you get ready!! You say the word!

I know three others due close to you.
Meagan, Laura, and Rachel (at church)

All of a sudden I thought about Pepper when I was reading this post. Even though I know virtually NOTHING about rabbits giving birth, I KNEW she was almost ready: she was chasing and biting the daddy bunny and she was pulling out her own fur to make a nest.

Do I need to warn Dave?


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