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March 20, 2008


It's an alien spaceship in disguise.

Aw, come on' Karmyn...where's your sense of adventure? You should sneak in, leave a note on the window, then run away as fast as you can.

Or call Vicki and get HER to do it for ya ;).

drug smugglers........!

That is bizarre. Now I'm really curious. Have you ever looked for it on Google Earth? I can see my parents' RV next to my house, so you should definitely be able to see a plane. Weird.

Maybe it's a hovver plane? Spoooooky!

That really is a mystery. Maybe these guys can help. Or you could just go and ask them.

He he, maybe it has big wheels and can land on the grass. You know like all the new baby strollers these days. They can all go cross country! Or maybe they have just parked it there and converted it into a living space or something. I have seen people do this with trains and boats before.

I am so proud of my little pregnant friend. Braving the danger, putting all fear aside and going for the information! Nosiness is the only way!

oh and "you never know how many bodies are being stored in that building right now"

YES! That's the way to think! I totally agree!

Hmmmm....Jimmy Hoffa?

You should be very proud of yourself for getting such great photographic proof so we know you're not delusional. ;)

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