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March 28, 2008


Those faces speak loudly what you didn't mention...

"and fun was had by ALL!"


Hmmm, I never thought I get to use the phrase "two faced cow" in it's proper context.

Look at those luverly smiles! They make me smile too! You can keep the two headed monster though, he UGLY!

It's like seeing The Thing. Those signs are all over the interstate, in every state of the country.

Not that I've ever stopped to see The Thing.

I'm smiling... love those faces.

OMG! I used to love that place! Do they still have the giant frying pan?

What an awesome place to take kids! I'll bet they had a great time being grossed out.

That looks like a neat place to go, snow or no snow.

Fun and family memories created, will be remembered for a whole lifetime, Ma'am! Good on you!

Two headed cows? I thought that's how they came normally in Oregon? [kidding] :p

You have a freaking AWESOME view of the ocean! i grew up with a similar view to yours (in Sydney Australia). Now I'm living 120 miles from the sea, and I really miss the sound and smell.

but I certainly do not miss the chaos of living in a large city like Sydney. Not at all.

Thanks for posting such great fun pics. look at all those genuine smiles! wOOt!

Mal :)

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