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March 17, 2008


So VERY glad his friend didn't take pics for you to post. Your words gave a good enough visual. Thanks.

OOHHH yuck!!!!!!! pure yuk!!!

That? Is totally gigusting.

If ever I was thankful for a post sans a picture, it's on this one.

Soooo glad this isn't about YOU!



yuck, yuck and more yuck~ not a lot else to say really!!! I hope HE cleaned up after this performance!!

THAT'S some projectile vomiting. Aren't you glad you weren't there?

Ugh. That was a mental photo I did NOT need today!

Sounds like your parties were similar to some of the ones i've been to!

He was a geiser, and he will grow to be an old geezer! Ho ho.

NASTY. Gross gross gross. I cannot imagine having to clean that up.

ewww. I hope she made him clean it up. Best thing to do is sit the drunk up in a chair. Next to a bucket or trashcan, although you can't count on their aim, it improves the chances.

thank you so much. i now have to go gouge out my eyes to remove that lovely image!!!!!

ew.ew.ew.ew.ew. glad there werent any play by play photos

Hopefully this is an OLD boyfriend?? Or at least a forgiven one? Grin. . .

Hahaha! That reminds me when I had to drive home Mr. Gattino and his friend after a party and they both vomited out of the car window !

LOL! I really liked this gooey story!

I'm lucky to be alive, myself.

Hey, that's totally disgusting! Thanks for sharing! *burrrrrrp*


Eww! That is story that I'm sure you're glad you only heard about and didn't witness. :)

Thank you so much for sharing that with us Karmyn, I'm sure we all got something from it.

Oh...yuck....thank goodness my drinking days are over!!

Absolutely brilliant post!

Shame no U-tube of that one.
Glade he is an ex boyfriend.

Oh man. I would have passed out if I had seen that!!!

Eeew yuck. I bet you were glad you weren't the one to take him home to keep an eye on him. I would not want to be there for the clean up!

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