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March 31, 2008


I would probably pay more attention to horses than a house, too!

Blame it on the pregnancy ;)

Cool house!

An Extreme Makeover home was done near here last year, and it was exciting, front page news! Wish I could have seen Ty ;)

Nice looking house. Some Private Eye you turned out to be. Why, I bet you could even find your feet right now.

It's amazing what we miss on our daily travels. Sometimes I'm able to pull over and take a walk for a few blocks along a street i would normally just drive along, on my way somewhere else.

It's amazing what you see, the people you meet, the things you see... all too easy to miss from a drivers' seat.

We had a similar kinda house down in Sydney near where I was growing up... they turned a really shockingly-horrid old apartment block near the beach into something that became, overnight, hugely outpriced! hahahaha

Mal :)

I'm starting to worry about you. All these secrets and mysteries. Are the hormones a little buggy? :)

Looks like a pretty house, so sad the girl is no longer with them and they may lose it. Cancer sucks, totally. Even with insurance the bills are outrageous.

I thought those houses came fully paid??? Weird that they would lose it. They must have borrowed against it.

Poor horses. Maybe you SHOULD stop and look at them. Maybe that would make the owners realize people were looking.

Oh my. I always wonder what happens to the families after the shows. Doesn't someone normally forgive the mortgage at the end when they have moved the bus and are all crying??? So sad. And so sad about the horses, too.

Have you called the SPCA? They take it to heart when someone screws with animals.

"a shotgun-carrying-shoot-and-ask-questions-later-I'm-a pissed-off-back woods-maniac-whose-got-a-muddy-horse pasture-and-fifty cars-plus-parts-in my yard-and-I-probably-make-meth-in-my-bathroom-sink kind of place."

LMAO, that was goooooooood!

my heart is sad for the horses in the muddy pasture though....

I hope the homemakeover family does not lose their home.

LOL! Are you trying to fit in a whole super agent career before that baby is born? Just Asking! You seem to be doing quite a bit of spying lately!

I feel for the little girls family, I can imagine the medical bills alone would have sent them broke. Its always the way though, the do gooders all pitch in then everyone forgets that its ongoing! I sure hope things get better for them, but I guess there are a million more in the same boat! It would be nice if we could save them all.

Scary horse keepers...we have lots of those.
Not a good thing.

I remember watching that episode !! Sad to hear that Boey died. Not all of the families get their mortgage paid off for them. It depends on the builder and the community - some neighborhoods are more generous than others.

Keep up the spying - I will now think of you as The Secret Agent Girl !

I saw that episode, as a matter of fact I think I have seen all of them twice! I wonder what else you will find in your neighbourhood?

So sad and so educational. I was also under the assumption that all of these houses were completely paid for. Who knew?

I will pray for the family.

You DO live in an interesting part of the country, don't you? We used to pick up door facings at a shipping facility there but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the place.

That is just to sad about the house. I knew about Boey I followed her website because of a friend of mine whose daughter had cancer and knew her. I really hope something gets worked out. The bills even with insurance are outragous when a family member has cancer let alone dealing with her having passed after such a long battle.

There are a lot of horses kept like that where you live I knew of several in different areas when I lived there.

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