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February 24, 2008


Beautiful new header and I love the sapsucker picture, too!

Nice photo!

Wow, what an amazing bird! You captured it nicely!

Thanks for sharing him! I don't think he has relatives in these parts!

Thats an interesting looking bird. Is it like a wood pecker?

I wish I'd seen it when I was there

What a little beauty.

Oh how beautiful!! Does this mean spring is headed in your direction?

Oh so pretty! The red is shocking!

Hey... May 23rd is a good date!! (it was my mom's b'day) it's my grandson's b'day!!!

hmmmm...good thing it's you and not me... a choice between birthing and Harrison Ford... I'd cross my legs really tight! hahahahaha

Pretty Bird, pretty bird.

It was much funnier in my mind than it is in written form.

Beautiful picture! (And I love the one from a few days ago with Buttercup and the cat!)

Cute!! Good to know it is a woodpecker, because that was my first reaction...sapsucker? It looks like a woodpecker!

Love the texture on the tree. Well captured!

Great pic. My wife and I just upgraded our camera equipment and have been heading out to the Florida Everglades to try to capture some good bird pics.

cool how the hummingbirds follow them around and nest near their holes!

pretty bird

That is a great picture!

I saw this in Bloglines but didn't make it over to comment yesterday. You really should register this shot w/Wordless Wednesday--it's better than a lot of the pictures I've seen (shhhh! Don't tell anyone I said that ;) ).


I'm catching up a little and LOVING your photographs!!! Yay!!!! What a beautiful time of year!

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