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February 27, 2008


And you would have thought that those other soldiers would have been the first to understand.

:/'s really difficult for me to believe this story didn't end with someone walking over to the ragtag group to THANK them!

They probably were accustomed to have the dirt soldiers come and go -- but always assaulted by the body odor. Oh my - what would I have done???

There are so many levels of sacrifice. The ones in the air conditioned (nutless) environment are sacrificing, too. Just not as physically painful

Great story - and if you wrote about the contractors? Oh, how heartbreaking. There are contractors making more money to wash and launder the soldier's clothing than the soldiers make, fighting the war.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this. It is hard, often, for our competing branches of the military to remember that they are all OUR military.

They are all in my prayers.

We all reach a point somewhere, sometime, when we suddenly react and respond as an adult... sometimes we just don't realise it.

Unfortunate that this guy found his moment in such a horrid situation tho.

Mal :)

I was just pointing out the other day that there is always one whinging, whining pain in the ass in every crowd, that needs to spoil things for everyone else.
But I guess if we did not come across these people we would never learn what to truly appreciate in our lives. Great story!

wow. what a story. I am ready for this war to be over........I have cousins in Iraq and S'tan who are in the National Guard. I want them home safe and with their families who miss horribly.

Sorry to be a complainer. I havent heard from either in about 2 weeks, I worry when they do not email.

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