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January 22, 2008


I had to laugh, Mollie did this twice...well she did it once at three and only just had enough hair to almost style (she had no hair at one). Her friend did it a year later to her and a week after I had Ben she cut a fringe into the hair of another friend who had very long hair. I was exhausted from new born baby and this friends mum had given birth three days after ne so I had to go and appologise, thankfully the mum was ok. Mollie seemed to get over the hair cutting!

Oh, Karmyn...She didn't do it half-way, did she? Does SHE think it looks good? What did she say when you caught her?

Oh, my...:(

When Baby Dreamer turns THREE, I'd throw away all the scissors til (s)he's FIVE!

Oh my.. all that lovely hair~
I don't recall my girls doing that except to their dolls! However as Beccy has commented my grand daughter managed it several times!!

My youngest had help. She was 3, though, when her older sister, who at 6 certainly SHOULD have known better, just cut off her pigtail. Yep, just one, right at the base. And Julie's red curls? Grew back in stick straight and blond.

I hope you and Buttercup have a better day today.

Oh dear!

My oldest did it around 4 too, but my second one - for some unknown reason - just cut a chunk out of her hair AND SHE'S TEN! Sheesh.

I'm sorry you had to go through this. My kids, thankfully, never did this, but I have so many friends who have kids who did. And did you notice that it's usually kids who have hair that doesn't seem to grow that quickly? What's up with that?

I had hair almost down to my butt when I did that. I think I was around 4. My mother still hasn't stopped crying.

I feel your pain! All three of my kids cut their hair last year... not on the same day... they spread the pain out over several months.

Sorry... it will grow back :)

She did it up nice, didn't she?! Did she get into trouble?

I have SOOOO been there. When Kelsie cut her hair I cried and cried, it was just a catastrophe to me. Then in a strange twist Preston cut Macie's hair twice (never his own), you know to change it up a little. Then Noah and Miranda cut their own. That stage is definitely NOT one of my favorites.

I had the same experience last weekend.
My husband disappeared. When he came back, he looked like a five-year-old who had just discovered scissors. (Or, apparently, a four-year-old.) He needed a haircut, he said, and he didn't have time to go to the hairdresser's.
Which might have worked out had his clippers not slipped.
He now has very short hair. It looks Euro, though, so I'm okay with it.

oh no! I remember those days! SAVE THAT HAIR! Put it in her baby book!

Oh, dear Karmyn. Still, it wasn't your hair in your sleep!!

LOL!! I vaguely remember cutting my own hair, but I was older than that b/c my mom kept my hair very short until I was about 6-then she let me start growing it out. Later, my sister and I resorted to cutting Barbies hair, which did NOT grow back!

Apparently I cut my own bangs when I was little but I was fortunate and none of mine ever cut their own hair. However, once one of my son's cut his brother's hair. Ugh!

It will grow back. :) At least she isn't permanently bald. :)

Oh no!! My son cut his bangs once right before pictures! So far my little girl hasn't cut her hair, she's 6 so I hope we are in the clear!!

Ohh my i just posted on this not to awefully long ago when cookie did it. We have just recently come very close to making her hair look normal again. Such joy when they do crazy things.

That is why I deprive my boys of the fun things in life and lock those scissors up!

I used to cut my hair all the time - why? - because I went to bed with gum in my mouth. My poor mother.

I'm thinking she's telling you something about not spending too much time on the computer!

Don't feel guilty! She would have done it anyway. They all do. Even worse is when they start cutting each others hair! LOL.

Cameragirl once got a brush stuck in her very long beautiful hair. I could not remove it and took her to the hairdresser who said she would be able to do it but I would have to come back in a couple of hours. I left her with her dad for 1/2 hour and came back to one very unhappy little girl. He just got the scissors and lopped it off, right above her ear! She went from lovely locks which were down to her bum to hair shorter than a boys. It was awful, I don't know who was more traumatized me or her?

Yikes, how horrifying. Did she get in lots of trouble?

When my youngest was five, she got found my razor on the side of the bathtub and shaved off more than half of one of her eyebrows. Rather than reacting thankfully that she had not cut herself or injured her eyeball, I yelled something about hoping that her brow would grow back in time for her wedding. (Yeah, what was I thinking?!?) She is now 21 and I'm happy to report that her eyebrows are beautiful.

Yup, it is the age. My son was 6 and his sister was 4 when he cut her hair. They were playing "barber". *sigh*

I remember when you and another little girl did that -- at our house.

I don't remember what we told her parents.

Heehee, my daughter Victoria did exactly the same thing at that age!! Don't fret, it's only hair and it will grow back.
Instead keep the pictures to embarrass her at her wedding!

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