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January 23, 2008


Funny thing is, if it were in a record shop, it would sell.

I did this the other night - I still need to put it all together. You have a nice one there - I agree with WT - I think it would sell.

I'm with everyone else. I think it would sell, too. Great job.

Now we know how you spend your time! End result is not bad~ I wonder if I should have a go!!

That's a great quote. Mine made no sense at all.

That's great! You saw the ones I did last week? I think this is the most fun meme ever.


What fun! I'm going to do this - will have to put it together when I get home as at work I only have Paint.

I agree w/ WT that it would sell.

When I have the time and get a new brain, I'll try this.

So where is Buttercup? Is she cutting off the rest of her hair?

It actually works together. Good job!


This made me laugh:

Siniša Skelin: Life is a Risk

I'd put it all together with photoshop, but I don't think I could fit it all in your comments. ;)

I guess you write for the masses!

Oh, and my band name: Dornstetton. The elimination of nonessentials (which I like). Wasn't excited about my cover art.

My album is "The Day After Tomorrow" by Klang. I posted it on my blog. This was fun. mk

That is hilarious!! I love it.

I made up a band name years ago even though I very decidedly have no musical talent whatsoever. My goal was to write this band name on every desk I ever sat at in University in order to make people think it actually existed. I sort of don't think I was successful.

It was called Platypus Love.

Oh and according to this plan my band would be named "Remoulins" (okay.....)
and my album name would be: planning my day difficult.

That sounds like my life. Except for the Remoulins part.

that was fun....
my band...Fredelon of Toulouse...albums: Has of Being Happy

I'll post the picture with it soon.

Ok this is the third time I've seen this and now I definitely want to do it. Very cool!

I've seen this in several other blogs I should really do it.

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