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November 07, 2007


We get bagfuls of junk mail here in UK and they are talking about charging us for taking away rubbish and recycling. I object to the possibility of paying to have something taken away that I didn't ask for in the beginning!!

Karmyn - you can do it online at I did that and cut our junk mail down 98%. You should post that link - it's free and run by those same credit companies. You have to renew every 5 years if you just do it online, but is that really much of a trade-off?


It's funny you posted this... I just contacted all three companies last week!!

I hope it works!

You know what I saw Andy Rooney do one re: these stupid credit card offers? I think it went like this: He used (or recommended) using THEIR postage paid return envelope (so it would cost the company money) and either writing "no thanks" on the offer or returning it empty. Either way, they were out the cost of the postage and the idea was if enough people did this, they might get tired of paying for it....

good tips. i hate thinking of how many trees gave their lives for junk mail.

thanks! if I get one more Visa/MC offer in the mail, I am gonna scream!!!!!

I had 4 yesterday in my PO box, crazy. Think if the trees they are killing with all that useless paper mail.

I'm on my way to the web site...

But this cuts out half the fun! Instead, you should use those prepaid envelopes and mail some sort of offer back to them, like a time share condo. Or tell them all about how your great aunt Mabel went into the poor house because of their company. This way their pre-paid postage isn't wasted ;)

Thanks for the tip!

My kid always wants to answer the phone when telemarketers call, and she has some great ideas - but I'm afraid they would hunt us down for being freaks.

Oh, I love you so much for posting this.

This is AWESOME! Definitely useful info!!

You should also check out They will contact catalogs to stop sending you catalogs FOR FREE! Great web interface and they've gotten over 100,000 in the first 2 weeks.

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