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October 31, 2007


Wow your sewing abilities certainly don't 'stink' you are very clever making that costume. Hope you all have a great Halloween :)

Karmyn, YOU, my dear are amazing. You made that up?!

But, PLEASE tell us more...WHY WOULD JAMMIN' WANNA BE A SQUID? Sponge Bob???

I'm gonna tell Jenny on you, btw ;).

Holy Mary, Mother of God.

That is so, so, so not right.

And deliciously wrong.

I daresay it's almost as inappropriate as my Halloween costume, except that jammin's genitals are covered.

Unless I just don't know how to reconize giant squid genitals.

I'm babbling insanely now.





I'm glad I'm not the only one who lays awake at night and tries to figure out how to push Jenny over the edge! Just between you and me...I think she's there.

Arghhhhhh! He is really scary.

Great costume, I would love to see what you could do if you "could" sew. He looks just like the fellow I saw hiding under a rock yesterday.

Oh my. I think you need therapy! Happy Halloween!

You are very clever indeed, Karmyn. Or is that the pregnancy hormones?

That is a GREAT costume!! You did a great job, Karmyn!!

The expression on his face is PRICELESS!!

This is the best costume ever. Awesome. You could probably bribe Jenny to do whatever you want by threatening her with the costume.

Oh my goodness! What an amazing idea for a costume. He's such a smartie to choose a giant squid for Halloween. Much better than the Twister game, zombie, 2 babies and werewolf I have at my house.

That is SO cool.

I would love to know what you've been telling him that prompted the desire to be a giant squid for Halloween.

And Jenny, I think it would be hard to miss the giant squid genitalia. Apparently it's about a meter long.

Your science lesson for the day. mk

By the way, that evilness welling up inside of you is the baby.

A meter long?

Great. So now I'm not only irrationally afraid of giant squid, I'm also irrationally afraid of their genitalia.

My grandson - the giant squid.
He has the most unusual and amazing brain - of course!!!!

What is buttercup?

ps. I can hear him (in my heart) giggling after making that face, then chasing zeus down the hallway, and zoe trying to knock him down to find out it if is really him inside there.

And I can hear (in my heart) buttercup saying, "Is it Halloween yet, mamam?"

Wow, if that's stinky sewing I'm wondering if there's a bad enough word for my sewing ability, that's a fantastic costume.

Limited sewing skills...I don't think so.


That costume rocks!! You are so creative! :)

Karmyn, you are the most awesome person ever. Jammin is creeping me right out.

Magnificent! Excellent costume.

You are my frickin' hero! That costume is awesome and the fact that you could gross out Jenny at the same time? Bonus points! You rock! and your kid's cute, too!

Absolutely AWESOME!!

I am so impressed, sis. THAT COSTUME ROCKS!!!

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