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October 27, 2007


That's just the half of it! The kid who drew it was named Kevin.

Even though not genuine it so easily could be!! Funny but kind of sad too.

Don't kids always want to emulate their mothers until they grow up!! it's a sweet sentiment anyway.

ha! I am soooo slow sometimes. I read the caption and thought " sweet!" and I looked at the picture. And looked. And thought, why are they holding out money?


Nope, haven't received this, yet... Then again, since I've changed my email address waaay too much over the past two years, my forwards haven't really caught up to me ;) (pretty nice, actually).

What is this... June Cleaver of the new millenium? Icky, but funny!

I was Juuuust thinkin' for a way to raise some extra cash.

Perhaps they will PAY me not to.

Geez...I should have married a stripper too...


ha ha ha ha
Well, sluts have to make a living, too!!
(just kidding folks!! I'm not looking for any hate mail here!!)


Cute. Sad and true, but cute!

Too funny!

Funny, but sad if it's true.

Hahaha. Although I didn't get it at first either. Um... I thought she was on a pedestal, and she was being handed a bunch of 1st prize certificates.

Come on over I left you and award on my blog.

I AM my mom....I look in the mirror and see an old lady! Just like mom. LOL

The drawing is precious tho.

I'm such a dork, i thought she was holding a shovel. Shovel walks is honest work, i tell you! ROFL!

Yeah, I'm a dork.

This is funny.

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