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September 03, 2007


awwww, she is precious!

we had a similar experience recently with mom's sharp scissors....scary even tho no serious injuries.

Poor sweet buttercup. I'm glad she didn't need stitches, and BOY do my kids know the allure of a cucumber. I had a warm, contented relaxed reading on the couch moment once, thinking how wonderful it was for the down time and my boys burned down my back yard and part of the neighbor's. I guess we can never turn the mommy radar off.

Oh no, I am glad that all is well. Hiding the band-aids under the bed, what a sweet, sweet girl you are raising Karmyn.

Poor buttercup but a lesson learnt.

Poor buttercup! Aw, I just want to smoosh her cheeks! :) I'm glad she wasn't hurt too badly. What a sweetheart.

I'm so glad it wasn't too serious, but how sweet that buttercup tried to deal with it herself. Unfortunately she has now learnt the hard way not to use mommy knives.

This is such a Buttercup story. I'm not surprised that the percocious little angel tried to cut her own cucumber. I have a feeling she won't be using knives anytime soon.

Aww, I hope it heals quickly for her, and she remembers not to use sharp knives! My boys wouldn't leave them alone either until they were cut a few times. They also like to hide evidence.

Sweet little girl, reminds me of something goobie would do to. Look alike, act alike..

Oh goodness! Well I'm glad it wasn't too serious. Seeing my kids bleed makes my stomache cringe. Kevin does so much better in these situations.

That's one tough hombre.

Oh my Goodness! What a sweetie pie! Glad she fessed up.

I remember once when my oldest daughter was less than two, she came sauntering into the living room carrying a big butcher knife. I kinda freaked out, but luckily, she hadn't managed to hurt herself. The same could not be said for the time she picked up my hot curling iron by the barrel!

her mommy cut herself when the cantaloupe and a mommy knife was on the counter.

She required stitches.

Awww, poor baby! I hate those moments when you discover your child has hurt themself. Fortunately for me, the "hurt" part is always accompanied by yelling and screaming, and sometimes a loud crash.

I hope her finger heals quickly... I think she deserves a brand new box of band aids ;)

Awww, poor thing, but as Beccy said, a lesson learnt!

Poor little thing - she is very brave not to have screamed immediately and come running, tho - must be a tough one!

Lesson learned, for TWO, I'm assuming....

I'm glad Buttercup's finger wasn't any worse. . .Guess this is part of learning from mistakes. . . :)

*smiles sheepishly*

thats right butter cup i can tell you from experience .. i did the same thing when i was a kid and actually managed to hide it from my mom and now have a really nasty scar on my flicker finger from doing it... it wouldn't be such a bad scar if i'd have gotten stiches like i shoulda...

i was trying to cut an apple :P

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