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September 04, 2007


It is amazing what some kids can withstand and never complain...and how much others will whine with a mosquito bite. tough hombre, you got there...

Her first child come out sideways. She didn't scream or nothin'.

That's no big deal, anyone without a central nervous system could do those things!

wow. as a new mommy to a little boy, i am scared, very scared at what i will witness in the coming years. ..

What ever that jammin has you need to package and sell.

Aaron is the same way. In fact my RN mom thought he had a problem where he actually didn't register pain. I just have to close my eyes and not react when he falls down. He's always fine. I'm not.

I was having heart failure just reading this stuff!

Oh, I would say that is boys but you said your daughter is tough too. Wow, amazing kids! My boys are kinda that way. Even when my son had to have 15 stitches on his face he didn't cry. Weird kids!

You made me remember when my oldest son fell out of his bunkbed at about age 5, he fell on a toy evidently and I hushed him, asked him how bad it hurt and sent him back to bed. When we got up a few hours later it was swollen so I took him to the doctor and the doctor thought nothing was wrong - he wasn't crying - it was broken! I'm a horrible mom and he never lets me forget it. :) He's 19 now and loves to tell people about when mom sent him back to bed with a broken arm. Ugh.

Oh man. I think our sons are related. :)

LMAO at Heather's comment!

"She's strong! Hooooooooork!"

Tough kid. Maybe you should get him a tattoo for his birthday?


Wow, he's tougher than my boys. They don't like blood.

Better to be hyposensitive than hypersensitive!

Izzak is just like that I don't know how many times I've seen him do things ever since he was a baby that I totally expected him to be hurt from and he barely reacted. Like when he burnt his leg last spring and didn't tell any one even though it was horrible and ended up needing to see a burn specialist and last fall when he broke his arm but finished the day at school. Boys especially are weird that way. Of course in Izzaks case don't come near him with a little itty bitty needle or it will send him running!

they get that tough stuff from their grandma.

Now that does sound tough. I think we have a few wimps in our family as a slight bump or the sight of blood causes such wailing you would think someone is being murdered. But me I'm tough, I broke a toe once and didn't even go to the docs. Bit stupid really as I now have a mis-shaped toe which sometimes makes buying shoes difficult.

omg, buy him a helmet! just joking..he is a tough kid, wow! a cutie too

My dad is the same way. I wish I had half the pain tolerance they do. I am not a wimp, but if I would have crashed a few times like Jammin' I think I would want to just lay there for a while. :)

Buttercup too! Sheesh! You have Heman Children!

And it surprises me because he is such a tender heart. I guess he needs a tough exterior to protect his sweet little insides.

And then there are the polar opposites who scream bloody murder and you can't tell if a limb was ripped off the body or the kid has a hangnail...

yeah, I've got once of each and another somewhere in between. I think three of the same (either way) would've done me in!

He needs to teach Mollie about pain control as she really is pathetic, it's getting to the point where we pay no attention and she'll probably go break something next!

ahh man i wish my kids would do that not the hurting themselves all the time thing they already do that but the lack of screaming would be nice... i have a drama queen..

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