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September 02, 2007


Canned rice!?!? Even I wouldn't eat that!

EEEEEEEEEEEEwwwwwwwwww. Well tell him you know what he is having for dinner. Then you can eat something very yummy in front of him, while he eats that "delicious" canned rice. YUCK!

You could also "re-gift" the rice. Christmas will be here soon, and it will keep. Put his name on the tag and ta da...the perfect gift. :D I am mean like that.

I like the regift idea. Would it fit into his Chtistmas stocking?

So I won't tell ypou embee has just walked to the local shop and brought me home a small bar of chocholate!!

Maybe you could pour some chocolate syrup in it to make it, forget that. Just dump the rice and eat the syrup from a spoon.

hmmm, i'd say it's a good thing "hubby" doesn't have a birthday any time soon ..heh.

Okay, it's time to hit him where it counts.

No nooky until he makes chocolatey amends.


where do you go to get a can of rice?

I second the stocking idea. Ew!

Huh? WTH?

I'm curious to hear his side on this one, LOL. What was he thinking?


Seriously? He was in Canada and he didn't bring you back even a Mr. Big? No caramilk? No Smarties for the kids? You were total;y ripped off

ROFL! Make it for him for dinner, lol!


are you serious?

is HE serious?


There wasn't a sursee inside and you accidentally threw it out, was there???

wild rice >:

There's gotta be a story there and I want you to take notes.

That's hilarious. NOT.

Maybe you could ask for his money back? lol...

Btw, Karmyn, you just won a copy of Camy Tang's debut novel over at my site. Make sure to send your snail mail address via my website contact form. Congrats!

he needs to work way harder then that!!

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