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September 11, 2007


Finally! Someone who doesn't want me to do a nice thing for somebody!!!

I'm definitely in.

Well, I'm new to reading about your fun/good deed Mondays. But I can tell you, just relaying the story to readers is a good deed, 'cause it might inspire someone to follow your lead or act on one of the good deeds they read about.

Hey Karmyn, I'm in. I have an idea to pay it forward. This is the perfect post for today.

I like the idea of Pay It Forward, and I will definitely keep it up. Glad to make the cut!

I love this game! I've already played, so please don't count me as your 5th commenter! Great post for today.

Hi Karmyn, I love this idea and love reading about all the good deeds going on... count me in!

Homemade gifts?? Oh oh! I see..... Salsa! Jam! Kahlua!? Hoping to see you guys soon. We miss you

Forget pay it forward...send me some salsa!

:) :) :)

(nice change up on the "game") :)

Good idea Karmyn.

Yeah, I would like salsa too! Yum!

What a beautiful idea!

By the way, I know I signed my name as Willowtree earlier but really, it was me that was the first commenter. I just wrote his name accidentally because I was thinking about criminals.

What a nice idea for this day, Karmyn :)

I'm way down on the list of commentors, but heck, I'll try to do something good anyway.

I'll take a weekend with buttercup and jammin' thanks

Sounds like a great way to comemorate the day!

now that is an interestin way to go about it:)

Hey Karmyn,
I received your gifts today and they are WONDERFUL!!! We went to a housewarming party and I was able to use one of them. Thanks again, and I will let you know about my Pay It Forward when I have some time!

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