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September 12, 2007


HOW SWEET!! I can't believe she is big enough to be starting school! ack! She's beautiful Kar.

I forgot to call --- I wanted to hear her version. tomorrow (well today)
she looks like a little angel. of course we know thats only half the story. (:

woke up and can't go back to sleep. Such is the aging process.

Pamela, I was awake for a few hours in the middle of the night! You shoulda called!!

Karmyn, PRECIOUS-STINKIN'-ADORABLE picture of BC :). She looks so proud and happy.

Sooo, I'm curious...what did you do while they were both out of the house???

Awww too cute!

It's funny how when they first go off to school you miss them and worry some... then after a time... you actually enjoy your own peace and quiet, even though you anxiously await their return!

Sadly... I would have given Buttercup ALL the M&Ms... I'm such a push over. Maybe that is why it's best I didn't become a teacher!!

She's becoming quite the young lady!!

She is just too freaking cute. The pig tails are killing me.

How precious! I remember when each of my kids started preschool; they were so dang cute.

Enjoy, my friend. The best is yet to come!

What an adorable daughter that Buttercup is!


Mrs. Beige sounds like a hard-ass. Glad Buttercup had a good first day, and I agree with everyone else - adorable.

That is an adorable photo! Just one little bitty M&M? How stingey. :)

awww she is so sweet!!! and cute...

Oh, man. I want to moosh her little cheeks! What an adorable photo!

One m&m?! I'm outraged on Buttercup's behalf.

She looks so happy, I'm glad her first day went well. I would say Buttercup passed Mrs Beige's first test with flying colours, but she could have said two one for each hand!!

Cant believe how big she looks, and so much like Goobs.

She is so precious!!!!

*sniff* I remember when mine were little.

She is precious. So much so that she deserves a whole handful of green M&Ms!

Oh, she is SO cute!!! I hope she loves school!!!

She's just too cute!
Madison and Kenzie have always been little themselves as it is so when they started Kindergarten they just looked tiny!

Enjoy. They grow real quick.

She looks so sweet...I could never stop at just one m&m.

So what did mom Karmyn do having both kids at school? Lattes with friends? I relish taking my dog for hikes on the local trails when mine go back after the summer. I usually loose about 5 pounds every September!

Adorable! They really do grow too fast. I look at how big mine are now and it makes me cry!

Very cute!!! I hope she has fun!!!


She's a cute chiquita!

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