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September 10, 2007


That is one mil from hell, well done for giving your friends a day off and for your other good deeds as well.

How sweet of you! Now how about really stepping it up and flying out to my house and taking me to see the same movie? *grin*

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, can I empathize with her on this one!!! I had a lovely MIL from the same corner in H e double l!! ;o)

You did good!!!

Now if you really wanted to do a good deed for Vee, you should take advantage of America's liberal handgun laws. (I'm kidding!)

OH, poor Vee!!!

My fil from hell doesn't even call anymore. And I'm not sad.


You did a great deed!! You might have saved a life taking your friend out for the day. :D

You Saint! xx

Poor Vee, you probably saved her sanity!!! no doubt in my mind.

Her MIL sounds awful, Iam very lucky I have a great best friend L isnt so lucky.

"When confronted, Blanche denies, twists, and turns all accusations into self-pity personal attacks"...OMG I think my mother-in-law is Blanche's long lost sister. I can say with every fibre of my being that I truly feel for your friend. Having a MIL from hell is never fun...for anyone! You're truly a good friend for taking her out and giving her some sanity time.

This makes my MIL look like an angel...maybe not an angel, but at least tolerable. Karmyn, I need a friend like you - an in person friend that is - oh, you know what I mean.

Will you be my friend?

This is the best good deed I have read! LOVE it that you made the time to rescue your friend and help her feel better!

You're a good woman, Charlina Brown.

Thou art a good friend, Karymn. My MIL and FIL used to come and visit from CA; they'd tell us they were staying for two weeks (in our tiny 800 square foot house) and end up staying a month. Every single year! Then one year they said they'd stay for a month, and I thought, hey, at least they're being honest. But they stayed for two...

And don't even get me started on my first month of marriage...

You are a good friend, did I mention that?

I don't understand selfish people like your friend's MIL- you did the best of deeds giving her this lovely time :)

You are a wonderful friend. You just made her whole week! I try to do that with my mom. My grandma lives with her and after a while my mom gets a bit stir crazy. A brief shopping trip is usually all she needs for a little pick me up.

What a good friend indeed!

You ARE a good friend. Girl's time out cures all!!

You're a great friend!! Sounds like you really helped her out!

That is definitely a good deed. I would welcome a rescue like that too. I think Eli is on the right track having his mom stay elsewhere. Definitely resentment toward husband can mount when dealing with in-laws. The same is true if one resents the in-laws because the husband does not support the wifes feelings. I hope her situation improves each time.

Hmmmm, I read about this already today, but I can't remember where...:/.

Yeah, you ARE a good friend--being able to tell just what she needed and then ACTING on it! Sounds just like YOU :).

Your friend is lucky to have you! My heart goes out to her. "Blanche"...hehehe that is about the nastiest MIL name!!! It just evokes evilness.... Next time, rent "Throw Momma From the Train" and have a good laugh!

Thankfully, I'm single!

What a great BFF you are. And, so dutiful. I hope you girls enjoyed the movie.

You are a good friend, Karmyn.

And I feel very bad for your friend. I adore my MIL; we're great pals. Too bad everyone couldn't find someone like my awesome MIL.

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