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August 18, 2007


Well good luck. But you now have me worrying about the reason for my dry skin. I can hear my ovaries screaming "We're dying!!!"

Swampy sends all the luck she can stir up in her caldron...and some hugs, too.

Oh, don't give me that crap. There is no IF. It's simply a when.

I am happy for you and Davet that the problem has an easy solution. Jammin and Buttercup need a little brother or sister. Like Dad says, Buttercup is already a middle child. :)

Good luck!

That's great news- good luck for a positive outcome in the near future :)

Good luck with that, Karmyn. I'm glad the doctor thinks it's an "easy" fix. Growing older sucks when your spirit tells you you are much younger than your birth certificate says. If you want to know my personal experiences with progesterone supplements, e-mail me. I was taking them for a very different reason.

azdice AT gmail DOT com

Good luck, Karmyn! I know what you mean about the getting old part. I have wrinkles now that aren't going away. I have more gray hairs on my head and in my goatee than I'm comfortable counting. I hurt all the time. Bah.


Good luck Karmyn! It's scary and exciting and scary and I wish you a perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy. My grey hairs got out of control about 2 years ago so now I have given in to dyeing my hair. Just remember: if a professional gives you VERY light highlights and then you use a box to do the next round, you might end up with green hair. Not that it's ever happened to me......

getting old sucks.

I want to be 21 yo those were some GOOD ole days :)

Good luck, Karmyn. I think you're awesome for sharing all this.

Yeah, I lived in denial until I turned 40 and then I woke up one morning and realized that crease in my brow wasn't going away anymore. Sigh.

Good luck with the "trying". And have fun while you're doing it!

Good Luck! I'm glad it is an easy fix.

Do you really want to go through that whole pregnancy/childbirth struggle again?
Of course you do! Go for it.

"I'm talking about a simple little pill that I will have to take twice a day IF and WHEN and IF I try to get pregnant again."

While that sounds easier than sex, I prefer sex, it's more fun.

Lol Willowtree.

I'm glad there is something to help you and hope to hear good news soon.

As for the need to wear moisturiser and finding grey hair...that's happened to me in the last year but I still feel about 23!

Oh...I've always had dry skin! I'm screwed, aren't I??? :)

I hope all goes well. I've been kinda-sorta thinking about maybe possibly but not really sure about whether or not to....

You get the picture.

Wouldn't it be fun if we were in this together?????

aging is a pain.
however, I don't miss the getting past that menopause thing.

There's nothing wrong with're just doing what we all do. And it's natural. A very wise woman once told me that life really doesn't begin until you hit 40. She was right.

I began having those little tell tale signs in my mid-30s. Not just the skin, but other issues...girlish issues that I shan't go into here. They tell me I'm early with this menopause thing, but the more women I speak with, the more I realize I'm really pretty on track. I think women experience menopause earlier than what the medical community lets on.

BTW...I get to take those little pink pills, too...but I have no intention of getting pregnant, lol!

Oh, yes, things definately begin to change in the mid-30's. Sure caught me off guard.

Anyway, I'm happy for you that your "problem" has a solution, and I wish you much luck and happiness no matter what you decide to do!

I really hope that this makes getting pregnant and keeping that egg right in place much easier for you. I'm rooting for you to have that third baby!!!

As to aging: Oy. All the same things are happening with me. I'm right there with you. Although, in my case, since I'm done with the baby thing, I don't mind the idea of getting menopause over with.

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