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August 27, 2007


Ah yes the blogging is free quote *stores that in brain to use later*.

When I started blogging I had no idea that people (besides family) would want to read my blog or that I would make friends with other bloggers worldwide.

I have pretty much exactly the same motivation as you seeing as I read the links you included and am interested in the same things, ie the Marknie story and the house constructions etc.

It is very time consuming though especially Mondays, but that's why I do it.

Oh, I have to remember that one!! "The garbage man is so lax, my housework suffers". hehehehehe

You're a treasure Karmyn. I really enjoy your blog.


I remember your last line, lol, I guess that whole last paragraph :). And, yep, you've kind of spoken for me, too.

I'll be studying your personality test after FM is ovah!!!

Funny ;).
I told my husband the same thing - that blogging was saving him money. He liked that.
A lot.

That´s really good:"When I'm blogging, I'm not spending any money"!this I must tell to my husband too!Funny!

"When I'm blogging, I'm not spending any money." That line is priceless.

I agree.

Karmyn, you are priceless!

I am going to use the saving money line. I like that one - a lot.

Oh I'm so going to have to use that line..
"Honey, but when I'm blogging, I'm not buying shoes." That ought to shut him up.

Great post Karmyn!

now that is something he can not argue;)!!!! I agree with all the reasons said above;)

That's a great reason to blog - to save money. :) Except I see things on people's blogs that I feel like I need too. :)

I love this. You've hit the nail on the head when you say you are fascinated with the gossip of peoples lives- we are interested because we care and it's free- I think we will all be using that statement in the future!!

"When I'm blogging, I'm not spending any money." And how can you argue with that?

LOL. :)

Happy Fun Monday!

great post hon. I could just copy and paste it to mine -- the only thing different might be the garbage man.

I hear the garbage truck - but I've never gone out there and introduced myself.

Hey!!!.. that would be a great blog topic.
I'm going to try and remember after I get home to get up early monday morning and take a picture and give them do-nuts.

IN FACT... if I was to host fun monday - that would be my topic. Take a picture of your garbage man and feed him do-nuts :)

I'll definitely pass on your blogging is free line to the hubby!He threatens to hide my laptop.

Yeah, right. I'll hide something he can't reattach if he does!

I am always clicking over to see how the houses are coming along. Too funny. And I have given up on most of the tv I used to watch. I spend my time blogging now. Not sure if one is worse then the other, but I have certainly made more friends blogging than from the tv.

I never thought of it that way. Blogging IS free and that means I am not spending money....

How can you argue with that? Indeed! You know, as I read your paragraph about Marnie and Dirty Uncle Mark, WT's bus ride and Tiggerlane's house, it kind of sounds like a soap opera of sorts. I never watched the soaps, but I sure enjoy following along! I'm with you on that one!

I don't have to excuse my blogging with my wife Debs because she is into is far worse than I am.

"When I'm blogging, I'm not spending any money."
Can I use that too? It would make my husband stop bugging me everytime I get on the computer:o) LOL!

I totally agree! I feel like I "know" all of you and I love the updates. I don't think Mar(k)nie will ever write their love story, but I secretly hope for it. Hurrah for blogging!

OMG - a NEW excuse! Blogging is FREE!! I can't wait to use that one tonight! WOOHOO!!

Thanks! (Oh, and I'm gonna try to do the football thing - hope I'm not too late!)

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