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August 26, 2007


Huh. I used to be an extreme ENFP; now I'm almost completely an introvert. The rest remained the same. I'm still a "Dreamer."

When I read the list of famous ISTJ's I said the exact same thing ..... George Bush (WTF?)

Darth Vader and can that be? *LOL*

It was very interesting. :D

The "offbeat sense of humor" was a on the button for me as well. As my mom says a "Warped sense of humor." *LOL*

Nothing like watching a movie and being the only person to laugh. At least I have a sense of humor. ;)

I am off to "examine" the results of others. *giggle*

darth vader and Eeyore??? that one is sure weird!

Huh. I haven't done one of these in quite awhile. I'll have to do one...

How cool is it to be listed with Darth Vader AND Cliff Clavin? :D


Pulp fiction is one of the funniest movies I've seen. Cory and I saw it in the theatre in high school...oh god, I just dated myself. ;)

I keep hearing about this system of defining personalities. Totally interesting. Now I want to go take the test too.

I love Pulp Fiction was I not meant to laugh? Trainspotting was pretty funny too.

This is cool. I just took it too, and you are and I have very different personalities. Whatdya know. Cool post Sis.

Its funny how we may change personality as we age, change jobs, have children. Last time I took the test, I was a ESTF. I will take this again and see what I am now... LOL

If people with multiples personalities take the test, how many results do they get?

Here from BC carnival. Have a great week.

okay... you know I have to take it if you and mandy did

I'm INFP, a dreamer. I like my kin: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Schweizer, Anne of Green Gables, ET (yeah, who knew?). I'm definitely not extrovert when it comes to outgoing or being around large groups, but I'm external when it comes to processing, I think, either through talking it out or writing it out, so who knows how that fits.
And I'm verbal/musician with naturalist closely following. Fits my occupations of writer, speaker, music teacher.

hmmm sounds ok until the includijng WTH GWB

hi there! thanks for visiting me and dont be a stranger!! oh this personality test is great ill have to do one myself! :D
loved ur blog congratualtions!

Offbeat sense of humor - have you seen the movie Rick? I think you'd love it.

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