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July 10, 2007


Man, and those bastards grow twice as fast as their fully-pigmented cousins, don't they? It's like they're overachievers.

I gots gray hairs too.


LOL!! I got my first gray hair at 25!! I remember it well- I'd been on a job I hated for a couple of months and you could see the line...1/2 the hair was normal, the fresh part growing out had lost all its pigment. Weird.

well. I see hardly any gray hair in yours. I will challenge you to a gray hair war any time.

I've just entered the world of grey hairs, hopefully they won't multiply too fast.

I started getting stark white hair in at 15. Now? I don't even remember my natural hair color. I feel your pain!

its like the movie invasion, one moves in and the rest take over.

soon, Ill be able to quit coloring my hair blonde because it'll it completely WHITE from all of the white hair growing in.

getting old sucks!

My first gray hair showed up when I was 23. I have naturally curly hair, and my white hair sticks straight up from the rest of my auburn hair. This really sucks.

I hear your pain, girl! I've been greying since I was 21, and now if I don't keep the colour on it .. I get silver sides. Nasty for my young life. lol

My first one showed up months after I got married...then, they picked up speed with each child.... For a while I tried to color it myself (and it looked like it :/). Now? I pay w e l l to keep those pesky grays (grey?) "washed" away.

Damn them all!

p.s. You know what I discovered last night? A freakin' gray eyebrow! If I see one in the southern nether regions...I might have to go Brazilian!

(giggling now)(even though there's NOTHING funny about it!)

since I'm an old fart with LOTS of gray hair, I think I'll stay out of this conversation ..heh

I always wanted gray hair. Obviously I am not in good company anywhere. ;) We can trade if you want.

As an oldie I'm not commenting except to say I'm beginning to find that the grey is even showing through the highlights and I can't think why I'm wasting so much money. It wouldn't be so bad if I the whole lot went grey together instead of getting the salt and pepper look!!

"I don't see no steenking gray hair."
I used to worry about my 'gray hair' or 'having a bad hair day' until all my hair fell out due to chemotherapy treatments. Even when my gray hair peeks through the color, I don't worry about it too much. I'd rather have gray hair as no hair. :)

You're lucky to have hair to go grey!!

I'm with you on the $, time, foil, Clariol and all! ! ! I don't remember, I think it was my grandma that told me redheads didn't get grey - she was wrong! ! !

On a dark desert Highway
Cool Wind in my hair
once fell a police man
rising up in the air

Okay sometime I don't know the words to the song however I am really good at making it up as I go along.

Pass the sweet tea please... =)

I've got gray hairs growing around my face, framing it in a silvery glow. Okay, not that many greys yet but I'm thinking of styling my hair like Frankenstein's bride, since that's how they're growing.

Funny you should mention this... I have an appointment with my stylist on Saturday!! ;-)

I am actually frightened by the amount of grey hair I have. That's why I keep the color of my hair light... it helps in disguising the nasty grey!

Too funny. :D I too haven't colored my hair for awhile. I started putting at least highlightsin when I was in junior high and my hair started changing to a dirty blonde from white blonde. I have colored ever since and I turned 40 this year.

I have a new grandson and have had cancer and have made the decision that it's time to let go of the hair color. But each day as I see my streak of two shades I question myself. And I'd like to cut all the color out but then my hair would be short. It took me almost two years to grow it this long (little past my shoulders) after chemo and I hate to cut it.

Maybe you and I can hang out and have stripes together. :) I'll post photos of my gray hair on my blog tonight, just for you. :)

At 37, I just pulled my first one out. My hub has no sympathy since he's been going gray since his early 20's.

If you've read my past postings you will know that I started getting grey hairs in my early 20's and coloured it for years. Being brunette the grey really showed up so I had to colour it alot! Recently I started getting blonde highlights instead of dying it dark, with the intention of eventually blending the grey in with the blonde...don't know how it will look but I'm giving it a go. Grey hair can look lovely but I do think it is ageing!

Forgot to say....don't quite know what I'll do when the nether-regions start to go grey....apart from cry!!!

Girlfriend, I have NEVER had a perm - NEVER had my hair colored, and I've resigned myself to let the grey come on in. (Notice I didn't say I've never PLUCKED the things!)

I just can't bring myself to color it - and it's hard to get dark hair just right - so I'm going to be like Stacey London on "What Not to Wear," and pray to be that skinny.

Grey is the new brown.

Honey, you better believe I am heading back to my hairstylist next week before I head back east for vacation. No way I'm showing up at Mom and Dad's house with this head of salt and pepper hair!

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