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July 17, 2007


Yay, Pensieve! Way to suck up in a guest blogger post - give the host an award! LOL

Seriously, though - good choice. Karmyn totally deserves it.


No one deserves this more than Princess Karmyn. Great post, my trashy friend.

Oh, and Karmyn, I visited and read all the guests posts in one sitting. My cornpooter decided to give be a nervous breakdown. Love all the writers and what they shared. Excellent choices.

Okay, so now I'm self-editing. IF I had access to this, I would soooo make it sound even BETTAH! Dang it.

Yep, Ian, I'm reeeeal good at blowing air up people's skirts ;). But K is a jewel, don't cha think?

Greetings, dear friends of Princess Karmyn. Yes, she has been crowned in diamonds and has joined the ranks of Disney princesses, along with her daughter Princess Buttercup. They are frolicking about the Land of Mouse and don't miss you a bit...not one, teensy-weensy bit!

Hi Robin,
What fun it is to find you here at Karmyn's place. You are right Karmyn is the perfect candidate for Bloggin' Princess. Long live Princess Karmyn.

Yeah... the Queen mum is wondering if she's going to get a present from this trip, too

Great post Robin and congrats to Karmyn.

You did just great with that post. Princess K will be proud!

All hail, Princess Karmyn!

Looking forward to your return with the royal family (although your guest bloggers are doing a bang up job, they aren't you!)

Hello to all Karmyn's little friends in Bloggity-Land. Yes, Karmyn IS a lovely princess and fits in BEAUTIFULLY with the rest of "our kind". We might not let the real world have her back!

Congrats Karmyn! LOL Snow White! ! ! You sound more like the Evil Queen if you aren't going to let us have her back! :)

Way to go Robin!

Congrats Karmyn! Robin is totally sucking up and I wholeheartedly approve. ;)

Not another damn award!!

Salutations, to Bloggers, one and all! I've stepped in to let you know Princess Karmyn has had a FULL day of fun and frivolity. Executing the role of "princess" is tiring, you know. Please send her all manner of chocolate and sweet smelling things for her to enjoy on her arrival home.

Thank you, back to sleep now!

And Prince Charming, I've spoken to you about that language...Oh, the shame and public humiliation........!

ha too cute. She is a blogging princess. I'm a little jealous though....I wanna princess award! Of course my girls would argue and they are the princesses and I'm just the mom..

I can't get over all the blogging awards out there. Congrats on the Princess award!

Hey guest bloggers, let's divide up her readers between sounds like she won't be coming back. (And I've got dibs on the Vonnegut quote!)

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